Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Last weekend, i went to jurong point to run some errands. I knew there is an event going on so i walked to the centre stage to see the event.

When i reach there, the host, Lily and Mary from Yes 933 are asking people to participate the last game, Charades (to get the answer for 5 questions in shortest time) in a group of 3. As there is not much people want to join.. only one team on stage. Finally, they say if you are a group of two and short of one person, come to the stage and will look for the 3rd person, so i raised my hand to say i want to play.

i was teamed wz two china guys. Another group is a group of friends. So the first group begins first. They took 3 mins and 49 secs to guess 4 questions correctly. So it is my team to begin. The china guy who is suppose to demostrate and let us guess is lousy. With stroke of luck, i am able to figure out what he is demostrating. All 4 questions are answered by me and the last question was difficult cos i couldnt figure out what he is doing. So it is a tie for both teams.

One more question is being demostrate by the host. The rule is that you must raise hand before answer. I only know part of the answer but i still raise my hand. who knows, the other team didnt raise hand and shouted out the answer. So in the end i gave the same answer and it is the correct answer.

The host gave another chance to that team (they are the one who gave answer first) as almost $700 of worth of prizes is awaits the winning team.

So next question was demostrate, within seconds.. i have the answer so our team won.
The two china guys knew that i put in the most effort so they say i should take more of the prizes. At least they know i am the one helping to win prizes. Luckily i am not the one demostrating, if not they wont win.. LOL.

We won the following prizes:
$150 Courts Vouchers (3 cards of $50 so each of us have one)
One delonghi vacuum cleaner
Four Yes 933 Jin Qu Jiang Concert tickets worth $98 each

Consolation Prize for the other team: $60 Courts Vouchers

They are the ones who say i should take more of the prizes and ask me to choose.. so i said i want the vacuum cleaner and two tickets. The other two tickets is for them. ( i want to be fair to them although they didnt have any effort in winning)

But they dont want the tickets cos they dont want to watch. Then i ask them how.

They say give them the courts vouchers i have, the 4 tickets and vacuum cleaner to me lor.. So i say OK.. I dont want to go on further cos the organiser is leaving soon.

4 tickets = $392, Vacuum Cleaner = $149 so total is $541. The two china guy shared the $150 worth of Courts voucher
I am lucky to win so much prizes..

Hope my luck will continue and let me win the TOTO.. : >

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Month of September

September is a hottest Birthday month. In my family, there are total of 4 persons celebrating their birthdays. My Dad, my brother, my youngest sister and my husband. Dont know what should i gave them. As for my Dad, already gave him a dinner treat together wz my family. Maybe give ang pow for my brother & sister so they can decide what to buy themselves. This is the easier and faster way. No need to rack my brain. LOL.. Still deciding whether to do that cause it so not sincere.

As for my Husband.. Maybe Maybe..Still thinking but definitely wont be ang pow cos he is older than me. LOL

I also have two close friends' whose birthday are on September. Definitely will send them birthday wishes on that day itself. As for present, it is a secret.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Benefits for Student

Last weekend, it is the annual comex fair. As i was sick, i didnt get a chance to look for the things i want so i ask my brother to get it for me as he is getting stuff at the fair too.

I asked my brother to get me a potable hard drive. He got me a 80GB hard drive at $99. It is from Maxtor. It is a great seller which most authorised dealer had sold out during the fair.

My brother also got a good catch as he got a student deal for a laptop. MOE will subsidised $500 if you are a student buying the particular model of the HP laptop . They will check on your IC to make sure you are a student before you can get the special price. If not, you have to pay for the original price of $1999

Recently, i also bought original software from school at a much lower price as it is a collabration of the school & the software company. It is a great deal of savings.

Mobile companies also have student's packages which allow great saving on you phone bill too.

It is really nice being a student especially to get such a great deal on expensive stuff.

PS: Not as part time student though as it will be very tiring as you need to cope with work & study.


Last week, I was sick again due to gastrics. I have been eating regularly but the gastrics still came to me. I think i am stuck with it. Just hope it doesnt relapse again. Pray to God..