Thursday, October 18, 2007


I realised that it is not good to be too trusting. I always trust people who i think i can trust. It turns out otherwise and i got hurt in the end.

At least till now, i believe that only your family and very close friends can be trusted.

Why the world is becoming like this??? Why can we live in a harmony place???

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sad Event

28 September 07 was a sad day for my whole family and relatives. My granny had passed away.

On the morning of 28 sept, my mum called to inform that my granny was in critical condition. All of us quickly rushed down to hospital.

Before we get to see her, she had passed away. She left this world just like that. My family & relatives take turns to take care of her during night to the morning until the morning shift nurses started work. (There wasnt many nurses around during the night shift). On that fateful morning, no one was on her bedside yet as my youngest aunt have not reached.

She died of cancer implications and water in lungs. She died at the age of 89. When i arrived, i took a last look of her at the bed. She died peacefully.

It was extremely sad for my whole family as she stayed with us all these years. Although she was naggy at times but she really adore us. My brother was her favourite.

On the same day, we proceed to prepare for her funeral. It is a 5 days funeral. On the last day of the funeral, all of us is unable hold on our emotions anymore and crying voices were heard.

As burial is no longer allowed, we had to cremate her. It is was too much for us to handle especially my youngest aunt who almost fainted when the coffin was going into for cremation. The whole viewing hall was filled with crying voices. It was extremely sad event.

Till now, we can still feel the pain. I believed this pain will be with us forever

Granny, We Misses You!!!