Friday, April 13, 2007

Valvet Flower Making

Remember that I did post a blog on the "Valvet Flower Making" in February 8. Here are the photos of the flowers that i made during the class.

Orange Orchid Rose


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Star DJ

I have been listening to the radio and get to know that there is a Star DJ audition this coming saturday organised by Yes 933.

It seems to be a fun job and i always in good mood whenever i listen to them. Sometimes, i wish i was the one bring joy and laughter to the listeners.

I told my friend about it and she asked"Do you want to go to this Audition??"

I paused. Till now i still dont have a clear answer to it. Should i go for it?? There is turn off to this audition - It going to be a super long queue which i hate most. This is also the reason why i didnt went for the Superhost audition last year.

All these years, i always want to have a job that you can liaise with people and talk to people but i dont like sales job. Being talkative is also a characteristic of mine. LOL

If you want to know if i went to this audition, look out at this blog. LOL

Monday, April 2, 2007

First Post of April

April first week... Monday. My wedding is just 3 months away. But i have not done any preparation yet. The one thing i had done is taking Wedding Shoot which i took in Jan 07. If you do visit my blog previously, you should had seen some of my unedited photos.

Right now, the photos are in 2nd draft of designing. Didnt like the layout. Too crowded and had ask the bridal studio to make the changes. Probably will get to view it next week.

Talking about my photos, i just got an surprise last friday. One of my friend who is getting married a day before me, has one of her gown the same as mine. What a Surprise!!! The gown was beautiful which i love at the first sight. That why i chosen the gown for my photoshooting.

My friend is using the gown for her lunch reception. When i told her that, she was also surprised so i show her the photo of the gown. It was proven that they are the SAME!!! Do take note our bridal studio are different and hers in Singapore and mine in Malaysia. Her designer even told her that she designed the gown. So how on earth there are indentical pieces??

If you are to ask me if i mind about this. If you are in my shoes.. how will you feel...???