Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Purposely or Really Unintentionally??

Recently, an assignment need to be submitted by a group of 5. Last week, during class, we had discussed that we are going to discuss this week again for final submission as a few of us didnt finish it. Only one of us finish 95% of the assignment with two question not done. Who knows, during the last weekend, two of them decided that they shall tackle the 2 questions that are not done. They completed with the help from the lecturer and submitted to the lecturer yesterday morning. All the of the members except me received email that the assignment is sent out.

As far i as know, we are going to discuss again yesterday night (the one who did most of the questions, also thought so), so i checked with the lecturer on the part that i have a doubt. Lecturer was suprised that i had asked the questions since he already received the submission without me knowing.

He still answered my questions but he also pose a question on why i still ask since he already recieved the assignment. Luckily, i know how to tackle this problem, so i told him, we want to get 100 marks for the assignment and told him that we are going to submit the part that we are going to make changes. Luckily he is accepted what i had explained and he said " I thought all of you have not discussed"

Later, i asked the rest and get to know that the one sending out the assignment dont have my email address. She said that i should have "broadcast" my email. I told her, another person have my email but the person said that she was sick for the past few days. Actually, i feel that even i didn't broadcast my email, also can search my email address in the sch email and at the same time, the person who has my email did email us( me and the person who sent out the assignment). So just a little effort will solve the problem. I just feel be ousted. They only did 2 questions but i also did the assignment like the girl who did it 95%.

Now i dont know if they have include my name in the assignment as the assignment i recieved today dont have the name. Yesterday i did ask the lecturer if he knew that the assignment is from the 5 of us. He said yes. (btw, our class only have 5 persons so he will only recieved 1 assignment)

I really feel that i am being ignored. Did they do it purposely or really unintentionally? Am i being too sensitive?

Anyway, i am going to make the changes and submit it again to the lecturer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aprils' Fool Day

Today is 1st April. It is April's Fool Day. During my school days, April's Fool Day is a day to trick your friends and have a good laugh together after that.

As you grow older, this day is just another day.. : )

This means that we are not getting younger but dont forget that life still goes on whether you are happy or not!!! So People....