Friday, November 30, 2007

Friend's Wedding

I attended one of my polymate's wedding last night. He just returned from his business trip in US a week ago and yesterday was a BIG day from him. Hasnt seen him since my wedding in July 07. He looked thinner than before. I bet he didnt eat much Fast Food in US. LOL.

Reached the hotel at around 7.30pm and there are still alot of people have not arrived.
Invitation card says "Dinner commerces at 7.30pm sharp". Typical Singaporeans - Never punctual for a wedding reception.

Have a chat with my friends and of course the groom too. Seen the photos they took, nothing too fanciful. Still preferred my own photos. *satisfying look*

After 1hr and 15 mins of wait, the dinner finally started at 8.45pm. the newlyweds march in with a chinese song "Ai heng Jian Dan" by David Tao. Then, we were shown with the bride fetching video. My friend was quite generous on his ang pows for the "Jie Meis"

Liked the vintage car he used for the wedding. Really cool. After that, second march in and champagne pouring. the music used is the same as mine for the champagne pour - "Lover's Concerto" by Kelly Chen

This is really a nice song so many people used it in their wedding. Another thing i discovered too. She also used a crown and her gown is in Turquoise (Bluish- green). I also used a crown but mine is slightly bigger and one of my gown also in Turquoise colour. See Picture

I think the colour and crown is a "IN" thing.

Now back to the wedding reception again. The layout of the wedding reception is good. Service is ok but the dishes was brought in very slow for the first two dishes and in the end, they have to rush and we left at about 11pm. Faint. This is the part i dont like.

The food is ok, like the dessert -Red bean Paste with dumpling , the starter which includes lobster and the duck. Dont like shark's fin though.

On the whole the reception is ok.

Reached home at around 12am. Was so tiring. More weddings to attend for next month. I think this year is a good year to get married.

Finally Exams Over

Hurray!!! Exams Finally over. It is really a tiring November. Tomorrow will be December 1st. Xmas is just 25 days away.. How time flies.

Need to get ready for my xmas presents for my nephews and nieces..

Monday, November 5, 2007

Its Monday again

Monday's Blue...

It has been a long time since i last blogged. Extremely busy with my school work as there were many projects and presentation to be completed by end of October. Last Thursday, all the presentation and projects submission are completed. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

I need to get busy again. That is "REVISING MY EXAMS". Did a little revision last night but then got tired after a while. LOL..

Today need to revise again. I am going to miss my television program.. : <