Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of Year 2008

31st December 08.. After 365 days..what are the things that i have achieve?? After thinking for a while, i realise not much. The biggest achievement i have this year is GIVING BIRTH TO CAYDEN!!! Beacause i am pregnant with him, i didn't do much stuff as it is tiring to carry him around in your stomach...Although not much achievement but i am still a happy person. As long you are happy, it is already a great achievement.. haha...

So it is time to make New Year resolutions for Year 2009. My first resolution is that Everyone in my family to stay healthy, Second resolution is to able to convocate in Aug 2009 (1 more semester to go, to complete my study and i hope everything turns out well), Third resolution is to buy a car so as to able to drive Cayden around. It is very expensive to take cabs every time. Just a trip to my mum's place only.. already $15. It is only one trip.

Fourth resolution is to travel to australia to have a relax holiday with my family and Fifth resolution is to Win TOTO First Prize.. haha.. i think this resolution is very very difficult to fulfill.. As long i am able to fulfill my first four resolutions in Year 2009, it is already a great achievement!!

So wait for 365 days again for me to tell you if i have fulfill all my resolution. Meanwhile..


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cayden's Photos

Cayden is growing very fast.. Now he is already 4 months and 4 days old. Here are some of his photos!! Seeing his photos, you will know baby's life is full of joy and laughter!!

Praying For??????????????????? Sleeping tight

Playing his hands....................... Smile....

Wanna to sleep mood................ Playing hands again

Mona Lisa's Act......................... Smiling
Laughing..................................... Wanted to smile

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas!!!

It is Christmas Eve!!!!

It is a Festive of Giving!!!

So people, start giving and enjoy a great year 2009 ahead!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

X'Mas Is Coming To Town

Just one more week... Xmas is coming to town!!! Although i am not christian/catholic/rome catholic,etc...but it is still a day for celebration in my family. My family will gather around on the eve of x'mas to have xmas foodies which includes a xmas log cake and other nice local food such as satay.chicken wings.. etc.. as my family are not into turkey. Already ordered a durian logcake from goodwood park.It is their signature cake...

Last year, due to some order issue from goodwood park, i couldnt get my durian log cake and they compensated with another log cake and a box of 20 pcs durian puff.. It is also their signature !! So in the end.. my family still get to eat the durian by them..

When i order this year, i told them, i must get the Durian logcake this year. Will call again on monday to remind them again so that i can collect on 24th xmas..

Looking forward the makan session on xmas's eve..We also have xmas gift exchange session too..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Craft Learning..

A friend of mine, Jullie, is a crafting person. She likes to do tatting, crocheting and baking too..Early of the year, i tried to pick up crocheting but i am a left hander.. so it is not easy for her to teach me but she did managed to teach me the basic skills.. I tried for a while and my fingers are in pain as i pull too hard on the threads.. It has be quite a while till recently, my sister also trying out so i pick it out again.. Wish to learn the basic and try to make something for Cayden for his 1st birthday which is 8 months later so i am going to work on it.. If i cant self learn, maybe i should attend workshops..

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Arrival

This year seems to be a baby boom year (my sister in law, my neighbour and myself have given birth this year) , just like the year of pig. (3 of my friends gave birth on the same month!) It is because it is year 2008 or because of the enhance baby bonus given by the government?

Of course there maybe other reasons which i do not know. No matter what the reason is, i wish to congrats two of my friends who's child was born on 29th Nov 08 and 30th Nov 08 respectively.

Congratulations to Pauline on the arrival of your beautiful princess, Belle Tan on 29th Nov 08 and to Shenyang on the arrival of your handsome prince on 30th Nov 08.

Welcome to the world of Parenthood.

Although parenthood is tring but it is rewarding when you see your baby grows healthily everyday.


Last weekend, Cayden went for his 5-in-1 jab. Before the jab, he was to see the doctor for assessement check. Everything was fine except that his neck's strength was weak so he is not good at holding his head up. Doctor advised to do some exercise to make his neck to be stronger to hold his head as he have a big head.

After the check, he was going for his 1st dose of jab. He was dozing off while waiting for the jab. Cayden was a brave boy as he only cried at the point of the injection. After that he was ok and fall asleep soon. The nurse also mention that Cayden was a big baby for his age (3months old).

Personally, i feel that he is not that big, as i think the weight he had was ok. (6.6kg). Everything was ok for the whole day as nurse already informed that fever may developed and told me to monitor the temperature and saying that 37.0 degrees is ok.

On Sunday afternoon, his temperature was 37.0 degrees so to avoid his temperature from going up, i start to wipe him with cold towel and gave him cool pack to bring down the temperature. Medicine was also given and it turns out fine for the rest of the day.

For mummy out there, if your baby have jabs and have temperature of 37 degrees which is still ok for baby(fever for baby is around 37.2 onwards), still do some precautions so that the temperature will not hike further.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Cayden

Here are some of Cayden's Photos

During his hospital stay..

This photo is taken when he is 11 days old and just woke up.

He is falling asleep. (18 Days old)

Smilingly Happily.................... Yawning.... (2 months plus)

Getting Ready to... ..................After Haircut...(2 months plus)

Strong Boy.. (2 months plus)
Seeing him growing, showing different face features and actions, really makes me feel that life is full of miracles...Although Cayden is a naughty, noisy and troublesome little boy but it is really fun and enjoyable watching him...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to Work

Today is the first day back to work after 13 weeks of maternity leave. Need to clear emails and then need to handle new project. Hard to adjust back to work so fast as i have not been working for 13 weeks.

Just to update a little:
My baby boy, Cayden, is going to be 3 months old now. How time flies.. His looks keep changing since his birth in Aug.. Had taken a lot of photos but have not upload to this blog yet but to facebook. Will try to load up asap.

It has been a busy 13 weeks as my boy is a naughty and noisy baby. But having him around is a joy as you see him grow every day..and we thank GOD for giving us a great gift like him. Our parents also happy of having him around.

However, you will still worried for him as you will worry that he is not getting enough milk, falling sick, etc. I think this is part and parcel of life..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 more weeks

Two more weeks to go...

But it will be great if my baby is born this weekend as it is National Day this saturday!!!

If he is born on the National Day.. He will have the whole Singapore celebrating his birthday every year!!

Isnt that Great!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Counting Down

5 more weeks for the big day. Kind of excited....but also worried..

It is like the tagline in Forrest Gump movie, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get".

So now for me is waiting for a surprise!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

7 More Weeks

Aug 23 is a big day for me. If everything goes well as expected, it will be a day of happiness for myself, my husband and my family. Actually, there is a possiblity that Aug 9 maybe the day too so it really depends what happen from Aug 9 to Aug 23 08.

After reading the above paragraph, you may wonder what is the occasion??
The occasion is that a NEW LIFE will come to this world. As in which is the exact day, stay tuned!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KungFu Panda

If you need a good laugh, watch KUNGFU PANDA !!!!

Just watched this animated show, it was so hilarious!! Where there is a hilarious scene, the cinema is fill with loud laughter. The main character is PO, a big fat clumsy panda. He dreamed of being a Kungfu expert. He is the son of a goose. Yes Goose is his dad, you didnt read wrongly nor did i write wrongly. This is the only mystery which was not explained but who cares since it is such a hilarious show.

His family opened a noodle house and his dad always want him to be the successor. This is not the main focus of the show, instead his learning process of Kungfu is. Why was he learning Kungfu?? You must watch the show to know why as i am not going to write it here. If not, it will be meaningless to watch it.

So if you need to destress, watch it. Although there isn't any fantastic plot behind, but it is definitely a movie that you should watch. This animated movie is No.1 in US. So if you want to watch it, buy your tickets early. I watched it during weekday, and it is full house. So if you want to watch during weekend, do remember to buy the tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mid of the Year

Wow..It is June now.. How time has flies.. With a blink of eye, five months had passed for year 2008. In a few more days, it is my birthday and i am older by a year. Alas!!!! Not getting younger anymore.

My sch term will start in Aug but now i still need to do my final year project. So sian.. Cant enjoy my school holidays. Going to school next tuesday to do experiments. Have to keep going to school to do experiments before i proceed to write my draft report for review. Once my draft report is reviewed by my Prof, all i need to do is to make the neccessary changes and firm it as my final report. Once final report is done, i can start to prepare for presentation. at the same time, i have a few more subjects to complete before i graduate. Hope i can do well.This is what i hope for. If it doesnt run smoothly like what i expected, then i will run into problems.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Purposely or Really Unintentionally??

Recently, an assignment need to be submitted by a group of 5. Last week, during class, we had discussed that we are going to discuss this week again for final submission as a few of us didnt finish it. Only one of us finish 95% of the assignment with two question not done. Who knows, during the last weekend, two of them decided that they shall tackle the 2 questions that are not done. They completed with the help from the lecturer and submitted to the lecturer yesterday morning. All the of the members except me received email that the assignment is sent out.

As far i as know, we are going to discuss again yesterday night (the one who did most of the questions, also thought so), so i checked with the lecturer on the part that i have a doubt. Lecturer was suprised that i had asked the questions since he already received the submission without me knowing.

He still answered my questions but he also pose a question on why i still ask since he already recieved the assignment. Luckily, i know how to tackle this problem, so i told him, we want to get 100 marks for the assignment and told him that we are going to submit the part that we are going to make changes. Luckily he is accepted what i had explained and he said " I thought all of you have not discussed"

Later, i asked the rest and get to know that the one sending out the assignment dont have my email address. She said that i should have "broadcast" my email. I told her, another person have my email but the person said that she was sick for the past few days. Actually, i feel that even i didn't broadcast my email, also can search my email address in the sch email and at the same time, the person who has my email did email us( me and the person who sent out the assignment). So just a little effort will solve the problem. I just feel be ousted. They only did 2 questions but i also did the assignment like the girl who did it 95%.

Now i dont know if they have include my name in the assignment as the assignment i recieved today dont have the name. Yesterday i did ask the lecturer if he knew that the assignment is from the 5 of us. He said yes. (btw, our class only have 5 persons so he will only recieved 1 assignment)

I really feel that i am being ignored. Did they do it purposely or really unintentionally? Am i being too sensitive?

Anyway, i am going to make the changes and submit it again to the lecturer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aprils' Fool Day

Today is 1st April. It is April's Fool Day. During my school days, April's Fool Day is a day to trick your friends and have a good laugh together after that.

As you grow older, this day is just another day.. : )

This means that we are not getting younger but dont forget that life still goes on whether you are happy or not!!! So People....


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It been a long while

It is a long while since i blogged.......cos i am super busy at work. So busy that i am lagging in my studies. Faint....

My Exams is in Mid April so i am left with only 3 weeks to do revision. faint. Can i do it or not.?? I must do it if not i will have problem graduating this year...I dont want to pay extra $$$ for additional semester next year and it is also my goal to complete my study this year as there are other plans next year to proceed. When the time is ripe, i will explain my plans..

By hook or by crook, i need to graduate this year. I still have my Final Year Project to be completed by end of the year. If i cant finish, i cant graduate this year le..

God, please give me more strength, time and luck to complete my study by end of the year.

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


OMG!!!! It is February 08 . Chinese New Year is round the corner. How time flies. Scary!!!
Why do the time flies so fast?

I felt that i have not achieve much yet and i am into Year 2008 just like that. Although i am moving towards my goals but it seems to be proceeding too slow.

Below are my goals.

1. Degree. ( Will be getting it soon if everything goes well this year.)
2. Travel to Australia - Brisbane (Plan it to be in Yr 08)
3. Earn alot of Money (Still working hard)
4. Own a car (To expensive to own now as ERP, Petrol going going UP)
5. Own a Childcare Centre (Still a long way to go as i need to achieve goal no 3 first)
6. Get a Driving License (This is the only one that i have achieve so far)

So when can i achieve all my goals?????

God, Please grant my wish.. Maybe can let me Win TOTO or BIG SWEEP. LOL

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It is the beginning of the school after 1 month of break. I am going to be busy again for the next four months before the exams start.

Need to attend class everyday. So tiring. Need to do my Final Year Project. Never finish, cannot graduate. So critical.

All my weekends going to burn from this week onwards.

Who can help me????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, wish me luck.!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Brother's Wedding

Last Sunday, was my brother's wedding day. The morning session was a tiring day for my brother and parents as my brother need to leave his house at 5am and to return home by 9.30am. He need to fetch his wife in JB.

In order to leave house on time, my brother woke up early to get ready. My parents help him to comb his hair to symbolise long life, good life.

He have 4 cars, 8 "Brothers" and my husband, the videoman, going to JB to fetch his bride. He and his "Brothers"were being "tortured" by doing push ups, pole dancing, drink a big bottle of coke, an unknown mixture of drink and bursting of balloons with flour inside. After going through all the obstacle, he got his bride.

When he was back home, they rest for a while before having a tea ceremony. At around 2 plus, they checked in to the hotel.

He held his wedding at Holiday Inn Atrium at Havelock Road. This hotel used to be Concorde and it is opposite my mum's place.

I was to help out the reception counter for his wedding and collecting "Ang Pows" of course. I was the richest person that night. LOL

His wedding reception began at 8.30pm. Everything goes well for the night. After the toasting, my brothers gave a little speech. Not sure if he was nervous or forgotten what he want to say, he keep repeating some of the things. At one point while thanking my mum, he got emotional as my mum really take good care of us despite she was sick herself. When my brother got emotional, myself and many others also feel emotional. So he ended his speech by saying that he dont want to got emotional further.

After that my brother are being ask questions on how much he know his wife. Some of the questions are funny that made most of us laugh. The trick of the game, is that no matter my brother answer correcly or not, he had to drink. My cousin, Gina, helped him to drink a glass of red wine. His "Brother", Guorong, helped him to drink 1 glass of hard liqour.

After the questions, they returned to the seats. After awhile, they went round the tables to take photos. When the banquet ended, my brother was drunk as some of his friends make him drunk and toast with him.

This was the first time i saw my brother so drunk. Have being siblings for 28 years and staying in the same house for 24 years, i never saw him drunk before. i believed that he was very happy that he got married and share the joy with his family, relatives and friends.

I was also happy for him too.

Jacky Cheung's Concert

Jacky Cheung's World Tour Concert last weekend was a great show indeed. We almost didnt get to see the beginning of the show.

On the way to Singapore Indoor Stadium, my husband's bike encountered problem. It stopped suddenly and it wont ignited again. We almost reached Singapore Indoor Stadium. We pushed the bike to a safe area and took a cab to Singapore Indoor Stadium.

By the time we reached Singapore Indoor Stadium, it was already 8.25pm. The show supposed to start at 8pm so both of us thought that we missed half hour of the show. Who knows, when we went in, the show just about to start.

Thank God that we didnt missed the show as it was a GREAT show.

Jacky started the show with a few fast number of cantonese songs. After that he chat with us. He really sang alot of songs which were great hits. At around 10pm, he started his Theatre Show, scenes & songs from Snow Wolf Lake and the songs from the movie, Perhaps Love. It lasted for 30 mins.

After that, Encore from the audience and Jacky came back with so many songs which lasted for 1 hour. The concert ended at 11.30pm.

It was really worth the price that i pay for.