Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It is the beginning of the school after 1 month of break. I am going to be busy again for the next four months before the exams start.

Need to attend class everyday. So tiring. Need to do my Final Year Project. Never finish, cannot graduate. So critical.

All my weekends going to burn from this week onwards.

Who can help me????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, wish me luck.!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Brother's Wedding

Last Sunday, was my brother's wedding day. The morning session was a tiring day for my brother and parents as my brother need to leave his house at 5am and to return home by 9.30am. He need to fetch his wife in JB.

In order to leave house on time, my brother woke up early to get ready. My parents help him to comb his hair to symbolise long life, good life.

He have 4 cars, 8 "Brothers" and my husband, the videoman, going to JB to fetch his bride. He and his "Brothers"were being "tortured" by doing push ups, pole dancing, drink a big bottle of coke, an unknown mixture of drink and bursting of balloons with flour inside. After going through all the obstacle, he got his bride.

When he was back home, they rest for a while before having a tea ceremony. At around 2 plus, they checked in to the hotel.

He held his wedding at Holiday Inn Atrium at Havelock Road. This hotel used to be Concorde and it is opposite my mum's place.

I was to help out the reception counter for his wedding and collecting "Ang Pows" of course. I was the richest person that night. LOL

His wedding reception began at 8.30pm. Everything goes well for the night. After the toasting, my brothers gave a little speech. Not sure if he was nervous or forgotten what he want to say, he keep repeating some of the things. At one point while thanking my mum, he got emotional as my mum really take good care of us despite she was sick herself. When my brother got emotional, myself and many others also feel emotional. So he ended his speech by saying that he dont want to got emotional further.

After that my brother are being ask questions on how much he know his wife. Some of the questions are funny that made most of us laugh. The trick of the game, is that no matter my brother answer correcly or not, he had to drink. My cousin, Gina, helped him to drink a glass of red wine. His "Brother", Guorong, helped him to drink 1 glass of hard liqour.

After the questions, they returned to the seats. After awhile, they went round the tables to take photos. When the banquet ended, my brother was drunk as some of his friends make him drunk and toast with him.

This was the first time i saw my brother so drunk. Have being siblings for 28 years and staying in the same house for 24 years, i never saw him drunk before. i believed that he was very happy that he got married and share the joy with his family, relatives and friends.

I was also happy for him too.

Jacky Cheung's Concert

Jacky Cheung's World Tour Concert last weekend was a great show indeed. We almost didnt get to see the beginning of the show.

On the way to Singapore Indoor Stadium, my husband's bike encountered problem. It stopped suddenly and it wont ignited again. We almost reached Singapore Indoor Stadium. We pushed the bike to a safe area and took a cab to Singapore Indoor Stadium.

By the time we reached Singapore Indoor Stadium, it was already 8.25pm. The show supposed to start at 8pm so both of us thought that we missed half hour of the show. Who knows, when we went in, the show just about to start.

Thank God that we didnt missed the show as it was a GREAT show.

Jacky started the show with a few fast number of cantonese songs. After that he chat with us. He really sang alot of songs which were great hits. At around 10pm, he started his Theatre Show, scenes & songs from Snow Wolf Lake and the songs from the movie, Perhaps Love. It lasted for 30 mins.

After that, Encore from the audience and Jacky came back with so many songs which lasted for 1 hour. The concert ended at 11.30pm.

It was really worth the price that i pay for.