Monday, December 28, 2009

Cayden Photos

Here are some of the photos of my naughty Boy, Cayden!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cayden Is 16 months Old Today

Today, Cayden turns 16 months!!! How times flies!!! We just celebrated his 1st birthday few months ago and his 2nd birthday is just few more months away!!! Cayden indeed bring proud and joy to Kin Mun, myself and our families.

Although Cayden does not know how to speak but he can do alot of things that we ask him to do. This really reassure me that he will speak one day. He will say ma ma (Grandma), mama and mum mum at times but you must be very alert to hear him said that.

The few things he learn were to dance, to wave bye bye, to touch someone, to move his eyebrows, pout his mouth, squeeze his eyes, take his shoes, take biscuits.

When nice upbeat music is on, Cayden will move his body. If his favourite song, Twinkle little star is on, he will move his fingers to ask us to sing for him and act as an action of the twinkle.

He knew how to wave bye when we say byebye to him. Whenever, we told him to touch someone, he will point his finger and touch that person.

Then one of the days, there was a Cadbury chocolate commerical where two kids are moving their eyebrows along with the music. Next moment, Cayden already know how to to move his eyebrows up and down. At first we thought it just a coincidence but who knows when we say "eyebrows". he will move it. That is the power of TV commercial!!

Then when we say "eyes", he will just squeeze his eyes to be very small. As for pout his mouth is an indication of his mouth and nose.

We also taught him that we need to wear shoes and shorts before we going out. So whenever we told him we are going out, he will go n take his shoes and shorts and come looking for you to wear it for him.

Cayden also likes to see birds and fish. Whenever he saw a bird, he will point to you and he will stare at the bird. Same goes to the fish.

Although he is adorable but he can be very naughty especially with my mum. My mum is his caregiver when both of us are working. My mum adores him alot as he is my mum's first grandson. Now let talk about how naughty he is.

He always have his favourite food at the dining table. Besides nestle cereals, he like puff aka biscuits from Gerbers. It is of a star shape and it is of a few favours like sweet potatos, banana, strawberry and peach. Luckily he liked this biscuits as he DON'T TAKE ANY FRUITS!!! So this biscuits is the only source for his intake of fruits. Moreover, it is full of nutrients.

Now come to his naughty part. My mum will portion the biscuits and let him eat. He will sit down and eat. When he finished all the portion, he will ask for more but my mum wont give him as this puff is for snack purpose. Then when my mum is not looking, he will climb on his bicycle and try to reach his biscuits. Luckily my mum caught his act and bring him down. At times, he will tip toe trying to reach it from the table. It seems to be clever of him to do it but it is dangerous for him to do it. We already told him not do it.

He had more naughty acts such as spilling his food when he dont want it anymore, hitting on my sister when she is sleeping as he need someone to play with him. I always told my mum to scold him or beat him when he naughty but my mum adores him so didnt do it. The funny thing is that, these things never happen at home. Whenever he is at home with us, he dont do the acts. Maybe I was too fierce for him so he dare not to misbehave. LOL.

There are alot of more things to write about Cayden. But for now, here is a recent photo of him when we took it at Ikea.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Flea Market Bazzar

I will be having my First Flea Market Bazzar @ Clarke Quay Central Square. It is known as Mille Fleur Bazzar. It is near to the pub "Clinic" Do drop by and say hello to me and also to purchase my products too.. LOL .Here are the details.