Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hardrock Cafe Collection

Today i chance upon a new blog from one of the blog(Owner is Cruz Teng, Radio DJ from Yes 933) which i always visits. This new blog's owner also collects Hard Rock Cafe shot glass just like me so i decided to drop him comments. Let see if he reply.

Maybe we can even do exchange on the shotglass or even help one another collect it when we go overseas. This way, collection will be faster as I wish to have all the shotglasses from all the Hard Rock Cafe in the whole world.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Long awaits photo for the bead flower making. Bead Flower is so much easier then the Valvet flower. You only need good eyesight and counting. The more difficult part is to tie all the Petals together.


Star Flower

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bridal Bouquet

Remember i ever wrote in my blog that i am attending Bridal bouquet lessons. Here is the bouquet i made during my lesson.

Crescent Like Bouquet

Last Saturday, i just learnt how to make head dress for brides. Here is a sample made by the instructor (ignore the tumbler, as it is for support only). I will post my creation when i have the photo.

Tiara like head dress
(Main flower - Rose & Baby's Breath)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Get Together

It is almost a year since my dept have team building. When i first came last June, they just went to the team building session. The normal practice is quarterly or half yearly, is to have a get together but this time round, we waited for almost a year. This is due the fact that we are super super busy in Year 2006.

We went to Hoshi restaurant at IMM. The sushi is not good as the fish n rice didnt "click" with each other but most of the food still not so bad. After dinner, we went to Kbox.

Once at Kbox, no time was wasted as songs were chosen immediately even before ordering the drinks. There are many singers in my dept. I am not a good singer but i really enjoying myself singing along with them.

We have great time especially one of our colleague, John, he really good at creating humour and bring up the atmosphere. Our boss, Chee-san, really can sing high pitch. I felt that as if he is from the "Sheng Yue " group.

In fact, we have so much fun that we didnt bother about the time. If Chee-san didnt say anything, we might still stay on till close of business at 3am.. LOL

We should team building every quarterly, hopefully everyone can go.(A few of them not there due to other committments)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rest & Relax

After the tight schedule of the previous project and submitted on monday, i am a bit relax now as i do not have much project on hand.

That is why i can blog now. LOL.. My intention today is to post the photo of the bridal bouquet which i made during my bridal class lesson but alas.. i forgotten to bring my SD card. Left it at the computer table.

Sorry folks.. have to wait for another day before you can see them. (Paiseh)

Since i do not have school now, i am quite relax. Right now, i am planning for my New Zealand trip. There are so many places to visit in South Island but i only have 12 days there(excluding flight time). How to squeeze more time out since every place requires time to travel.

I have chosen those must go places and will add those 2nd priority place to my trip. Cant wait for July to come so i can go to New Zealand.. Horray..!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a day!!!

I thought that since i do not have any project on hand when i return to office after my exams, i should able to have a good rest today. But alas, i am still working now cos i was asked to help a colleague as his project is due on monday. Stupid client!!! can even postpone for 1 or 2 more days for the dateline.

A few of us are rushing on the work like mad and i am taking a small break to blog.

Got to go.. if not, cant finish on time..


Monday, May 7, 2007

Trip to Pekan Nenas

Guess where is Pekan Nenas??? Pekan Nenas is a small town in Johor Bahru. This small town was know as Pekan Nenas cos it is a place full of pineapples. They even have a big Pineapple Mascot in the town area. This place is about 1hr and 45 mins away from Singapore if traveling by Tuas checkpoint.

I went to this town with my family last saturday. It is not a big town but definitely hv nice food. As we arrived in evening so we have our dinner at a seafood resturant near to the malaysia custom at the Tuas side. After dinner, we travel up to our relative house for a rest before going to the pasar malam.

Late nite, we went for supper at a malay store. We ordered Mee Goreng, Mee Hai Lam, Tom yam soup, mushroom soup and chicken pieces. The food is nice but the wait is very long even though not many people there cos the malay owner cook very slow.

Next Morning Have "Bah Gu Teh" for breakfast. The "Bah Gu Teh" is not the usual way we have in Singapore. In Singapore, we have each dishes in one bowl or claypot but over there, all the dishes are all in a big claypot. You may think that it may taste weird but in fact it is delicious...All the food complement each other.

After Breakfast, we went to Pasar Pagi. It is a morning market which they sells almost everything. You can see raw meat, fishes, vegetables, food and even clothes. It seems not to be hygiene as in Singapore, it is separate into categories but alot of people visit this market.

For lunch, we had "Di Wang Mian". It is a combination of Yong Tau Foo and Wanton Mee. Nice food too.

Basically, this trip is more of a food trip so it is fruitful. Will go again next time when the durian season comes. Yummy!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Exams Over

Finally, my exams are over today. Even though my exams are over, but i wont be free too cos i need to prepare for my wedding in July and OMG, i didnt do much things. Can i finish on time?? Hopefully i can.

Besides that, i also need to plan for my trip to New Zealand. Cant wait to see the nice scenary there. Horray!!! I will spend two weeks in New Zealand so i need to plan wisely where to go so that i can maximize both my time and money. I will only go to south island as i know that south island have more things to see than north island.

Next time, will plan to go to the other parts of south island and to north island if time and money permits.

Stay tuned for more on New Zealand when i am back end of July..

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Update..

My friend has been complaining why i have not do updates..The reason is that i have no time to do update cos busy with exams.

Since now i got a bit of free better blog first before she complain again. haha..

I had attended a bead flower making workshop and it is so much easier than the valvet flower making that i had attended previously. Will post the photos in my next blog. Fun to learn all these handicraft who know it will come to use one day.

I also attending bridal lessons(stage 2) which teaches things like bridal bouquet, flower girl baskets..etc.. I had missed the (stage 1) of the bridal class which teaches how to make corsages, bouquets etc.. cos i have other commitments. Will attend Stage 1 soon.

So stay tuned for my photos, hopefully by this weekend..