Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cayden Photos

Cayden is 19 months now. Here are some of his photos. I am looking forward for him to talk more. Now he can say daddy but not very clear. Hope he can speak in sentances due soon..!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

First Post of 2010

Today is 1st March 2010!! I was kind of busy for the past 2 months.. so no time to blog..!!

My son, Cayden turns 18 months on last friday!! He is getting more naughty and also know how to do more things now but he still dont know how to talk much. He has his check up and final injection of the 5 in 1 on 27th Feb 10. The nurse is concerned about his speech so a refer letter to KKH on speech was given to us. Actually i was not so concerned about his speech cos he understands what we say and knows how to do a task given.

My nephew, also starts to talk when his is near to 3 years old. Cayden is still not even 2 years old. Although i know that the nurses/doctors at polyclinic has a guidelines to follow on how assess the babies.. but then we should depends on situation and not follow the guidelines fully as guidelines is only a guide. Now, with a refer letter given, it only makes me worry for Cayden whether he really have speech issue. Hai!!

I really hope that Cayden will start to talk before the appointment date in June 2010. Pray Hard!!!