Friday, June 29, 2007

End of the Mid Year

Tomorrow is a last day of June which means half of the year have gone. I have been in this company for 1 year and it also means i didnt travel in the past year. Went to Taipei before i start this new job last June.

I always try to travel out of Singapore (Going Malaysia not counted) every year if time and $$ permits. This year i am going to New Zealand in July. I am looking forward to it as some of my friends and relatives had told me how beautiful New Zealand is.

Going to self drive in New Zealand. As i only have 2 weeks, so will only travel to South Island. New Zealand is a big country so it may take a while to complete the country. My friends took 2 months travelling in New Zealand few years back. More or less completed.

Next year or year after, i hope i have a chance to go to Europe. So must start saving more after the New Zealand trip

Thursday, June 28, 2007

In 10 Days' Time

My BIG day will arrive in 10 days' time. Time travel very fast. Nothing much to prepare except for the gifts meant for my "Jie Meis" & "Brothers" as a appreciation.

The worst task encounter during my preparation is to finalising the guest list. Up till now, i am still finalising my guest list. Dont understand why it is so difficult to do the seating arrangement.

My friends also told me that she encounter the same problem when she had her wedding last year.

Another worry that i have is the arrival of the guests. I had informed them to arrive early so i can have the dinner early as the next day is monday and everyone need to work or go to school. My invitation card mentioned 7pm so i hope i can start the dinner by 7.30 or 7.45pm. Latest by 8pm.

Just dont understand why chinese wedding dinner always have to start at around 8.45pm. It is because the guests delay or the restaurant delay. For me, if i was to attend wedding dinner, normally i will arrive early. If the card mention 7.30pm, normally i will arrive 7.45pm.. but in the end, the banquet will only start at 8.45pm.

I believe is the human thinking. People think that what is the point of going early when it will start at 8.45pm so in the end, everyone come late.

I just hope, my dinner will start at 8pm.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It started with a Kiss

It started with a Kiss is a Taiwan version of Itazura na Kiss. Itazura na Kiss is a shoujo manga(comic) by TADA Kaoru. It is a hilarious love story that spans 26 volumes.

10 years ago, it was adapted into a great Japanese drama starring KASHIWABARA Takashi and SATO Aiko.

In year 2005, 10 year later after the Japanese drama aired, a new live action version of Itazura na Kiss began airing in Taiwan. It is named "It started with a Kiss". I didnt get to watch when it aired that year as i do not have SCV at home and in fact i have no intention to buy the VCD.

Recently, my sister got the VCD from her friend so i decided to watch. It is really hilarious. It is about a guy with IQ 200 and he is good at everything, including cooking but dont know what is love and a super dumb and clumsy gal who always make mistakes, cant do anything right and always let her imgination runs wild.

The only different between the Japanese and Taiwan version is that Taiwan version have more episodes thus more supporting roles, so it is closer to the comic.

The story was a satisfying high school romance with the leads fighting their feelings and giving into them and other girls and guys vying for the affections of the main leads.

It is really a relaxing story and i enjoyed it alot and hoping to read on the comic or even watch the Japanese version of the drama. The only thing that i cant accept is that how it is possible in this world there is such a "Perfect" guy and "Super Dumb and Clumsy" gal. I think only TV serials will have such characters. LOL

The sequel, "It started with a Kiss 2" had started filming in Taiwan. It seems that it will be aired in September this year. Cant wait to see the sequel. Here is the link on the storyline of the sequel

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What is Love???

WHAT IS LOVE?? I believe everyone has their own concept of love. My concept of love is TRUST, COMMITTMENT, COMPROMISING and FORGIVING. Others may beg difference

No doubt love can make people happy but it will also hurt people's feelings. Love can also destroyed everything overnight due to misunderstanding. It is even more heart-wrenching if the relations are build from scratch.

You must wonder why i say this. This is because i saw many real life examples, be it be friendship or boy girl relationship or kinship, all are destroyed due to misunderstand or misread intention.

It make me ponder, why there is misunderstanding? Why people cant express themselves properly?If we are able to express ourselves properly, i believe, misunderstanding will not occur.

So people out there, Do Remember to EXPRESS YOUR INTENTION CLEARLY!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Less than 3 Weeks

In less than 3 week, my BIG day will arrive. Time really passes very fast. I was making reservation at the restaurant last year july and now, my BIG is here.

As for excited or not, actually, i am not excited. Not sure why. To me, it is just a procedure. But my friends told me that i will be excited on the actual day itself. Let see if it is true.

Right now, i just make sure all the preparation is OK. That's all.

Just hope everything will be fine.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mini Birthday Celebration

On Tuesday, my department have a mini birthday celebration for the birthday gals/guys who are born in the month of June. I am one of them. Our dates are quite near to each other. (June 10, 13 and 14)

Here are some of the pictures taken during the celebration. Enjoy :p

The Delicious Mango Cake

The Birthday Gals / Guy

Cutting of cake

Enjoying the Cake

Make a Mistake

I blogged about my pending wedding into my multiply last nite. Alas!!! i make a calculation mistake. It should be 25 more days instead of 21 days. Dont know what is my mind doing. Got to change tonite. I bet comments will be coming in soon for my blurtness.

Hopefully i can change before anyone leave a comment :P

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monopolyouth Challenge

Yesterday, i joined an event organised by the youth group and people's association. It is a monopoly cum cashflow boardgame. Everyone knows how monopoly play so i will not explain here but as the cashflow is more of like a stock market exchange.

This is how the game works.

Team consists of 3 to 5 paxs (More people in a group doesnt mean it will increase the chance, just that you will have more goodies bag as the registration fee of $30 is the same)

Every team will have a passport throughout the game. This passport will help you to record all transactions of the whole game.

The main rules of game is to be the highest earner in order to win the top prize of $1000 cash. We are all given $20,000 as the base value.

Before the start of the game, every team was asked to roll the dice to see which station to proceed from the starting point at Jurong East. (We have to pay for our own transporation)Through the whole event, stock market will be updated. Each team will decide what to buy and sell in order to make the most profits out of it.

As for the monopoly part, it is works exactly like the board game we played but now each colour group comprises 8 properties instead of the 3 properties. In our usual monopoly board game, we need to have all the colour group in order to build houses but in this game, you only need two to build and have to build the houses evenly to each property.

As for the dice rolling, it is not the usual of addition, but it is multiplication. Should you have a number is double, you can roll any time and the number of steps will be increase. For example:
For 1st roll, you get 1, 4, 4 so the steps is 1x4x4=16, since it is double for 4, get to roll again. if it is 1,5,6, then it will be 1x5x6=30 so total steps is 46.

My team's first stop is CCK MRT. When we arrive there, the station master has NOT ARRIVED yet. OMG!!! we have to wait for them. When they arrived.. they still slowly setup, didnt even apologies for the lateness.

As we are been delayed.. we quickly roll our dice to see the next stop. At this stop, the stock-market is already updated as we are in the hurry to leave.. we didnt bought much on the lower cost shares. (only 5 lot each. should have bought 50 lot each and it will make a difference)

In any case, we proceed to our next station and do the stock exchange. At one point of time, we decide to station at one one location just to play stock market as we realised, no point travelling around as buy properties, doesnt help to earn much. (We travel about 6 stops, should have stop at the 2 stop, waste of transport $$$ too)

If we have just concentrate to play stock market due to large fluctuations throughout game, we maybe in the top 3 winners ($1000,$800, $500). If real life stock market fluctuates like this, i think many people will commit suicide.

In the end, we only have make 2 million in value. The winning team make 13 million in value. They are students from NUS high school major in maths & science. The 2nd & 3rd prize winner are from the public like us.

If there is a event like this next year, i will join again. I hope the organiser will make use of this time experience to improve on the game as there is a few hiccups.

Mid of the Month.

11th June 07.Two more weeks.. i will be in this new company for a year. How times flies..Time and Tide really wait for no man.

What did i learn the past year in this company?? Do i benefits at all? Yes. I do learn a few things. The first in the list is how to do costing, with the information provided. Second in the list is to be patient and read clearly. Reason being as my job need me read the terms and conditions very clearly as it will involves $$$$$$. Any misread / misunderstand will results of lose of $$$$$$$

Besides the new skills, i also have more time to learn more hobbycraft. In mine previous blog, you may get to see some of my pictures of my craft. These are the things i cant do when i am with my previous job.

I may also take up some lessons from my friend on "Knitting" Not the usual knitting that requires two needles but only one needle. Dont know what is the name.

If i dun want to meet her up, maybe i also buy books to learn. she also learn from books. Let see how everything goes.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby Boom Year

I always know that the Year of Dragon is a baby boom year as Chinese believed that babies born in the year of Dragon is blessed with good luck and life just like the Emperor. But i feel that Year of Pig maybe a Baby boom year. You must have wonder why i say that.

The reason being is that some my friends are giving Birth this year!!! 4 of my friends who just got married for least than 2 years, all are pregnant and so concoincidentally that 3 of them are due in August!!! One in Mid August and two in end of August. One of them just give birth and now on maternity leave.

Another friend of mine, also have a few friends who are pregnant too.

So Year of Pig maybe a good year for babies too!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Missing Invitation Cards part 2

Just recieved sms from my friends that they had recieved the invitation cards. That is a good news to me, at least i know i didnt write the address wrongly and the mail reach safe and sound.

Still, i want to know why it takes almost 1 solid week for the postman to deliver the mails?? "scratch heads"

How is it possible since Singapore is not so big. Does that means other countries which is so much larger then Singapore, will take more than 1 week to recieve mails??? Or it is because there is lack of postman in Singapore thus it takes more time

"Puzzled Looks"

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Missing Invitation Cards

Two of my friends told me that they have not received my invitation card. I was surprised as i had posted one week ago. (Normally, it should not take more than 3 days to arrive)

So as to make sure my other friends received the invitation cards, i wrote emails and sending sms to check if they received. Some of my friends replied and they told me that they had recieved.

So what has happened to that two cards??? "scratch heads"

Hope that both of them will recieve the cards soon.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wedding Preparation I

Last week, i am busy writing my invitation cards. Writing invitation card is the first phase of the whole wedding. (excludes taking wedding photos). As there are many cards to be sent out, i had preprint the address so that i can cut n paste on the envelope.

Before writing the invitation cards, i need to slot in the inserts to the card which is tiring process as you need to fold nicely so that it is into nice halves. Imagine it, having to slot in 265 pcs of inserts. Luckily i have my sister and mum to help out.

With the inserts ready, i start to write the cards but i didnt finish in one day but a few days as writing for a long time can be an aching process.

Nevertheless, i managed to finish in 3 days time and they are ready to be posted out last monday. Some of my friends have recieved them and they like the photos i put in together with the card.

Second phase of wedding preparation will be gown fitting for my wedding.

Stay tuned for my updates.