Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Knitted Handphone Pouch

Yesterday, i finally finish my first knitted pouch!!! Few months back, i attended a workshop by Betsy, a crafter who has her online shop and blog. Click on the link for her online shop and blog.

Betsy Online Shop

Betsy Blog

Knitting was Greek to me. Betsy was very patient in teaching me the knitting skills. In my first lesson, i fumbled alot but Betsy helped me. I didnt went to my 2nd lesson until yesterday. I was @ Betsy's Studio for 2.5 hours to complete my handphone pouch. Betsy was so willingly to share her knitting skills to me.

There are still some yarns left, so i decided to do a coin pouch using the same skills that i learned in making of the HP pouch. I also told Betsy that i wish to do another project which is also @ a cost and she can quote you if you wish to have project/workshop with her. This project was something for Cayden as his birthday is in Aug 09. I will reveal when times to come.

Some of you may think that it is expensive to attend workshop/ do project like this as there are always free courses available @ shops that sells yarns.

However, @ those shops, they dont teach you how to read the patterns, the different stitches, etc.. Instead they just tell you what to do and end of the day, you get the final product but are you able to reproduce another one?? NO!!!

So attending workshops/ do project, will help you to learn the skills properly and able to know how to read patterns. It is a knowledge and you are able to reproduce it @ your own. Isn't better this way.

For those who wish to learn knitting or crochet, do visit betsy website/blog to check it out.

I will upload my pouch soon!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping Spree

Last weekend, went shopping wz my mum and sisters. The initial motive was to meet up my brother @ vivocity as his in laws is in Singapore and he wanted to bring them to vivocity to shop. Late minute, he couldnt make it and we still decided to go ahead with the plan to do shopping @ vivocity.

First stop were shops for kids as now, my son, Cayden will have the first priority in getting new stuff. Initially, wish to get a sandal for him @ Colette but my mum told me that my aunt already got him a pair.

After that, my youngest sister want to go to addias as she want to get a sling bag which she had been eyeing for a long time. While walking to addias, we came across a shop having sale. The shop is Clubmarc. Some people may not know what brand it is, but i knew about it. It is a new york brand. More details can be found here. It used to be a quite expensive but that day, it was a great buy and some of the items i bought @ the shop can be found on the website but not sure will it be on the online shop (which started on May 09). After looking through the website, I can safety said that our buys were GREAT buy!!! Woohoo!!

Here are some of the Great buys..(The photos are the copyright of Clubmarc). My mum also bought a White Capri pants and she also mentioned that it definitely a great buy. Seeing is believing so do drop by to Clubmarc if you wish to have great buy. There are quite a few Clubmarc in Singapore. Go to the website to know more of the locations.

Shimmer Wrinkle Free Jacket

Shimmer Tube Top

Double Breast Demin Jacket

Long sleeve Top

Wrinkle Free Pants

We shopped @ Clubmarc for nearly two hours before processing to addias. Although it is two hours later for my youngest sister but she was more than happy to do so as she was the one benefited the most in Club Marc. She bought 2 pairs of shoes, 1 Capri pants, 1 T-shirt and 1 Jacket.

When in Addias shop, my youngest sister decided on a light turquiose sling bag. At the same time, i saw a bag, looks quite nice.. (Purple colour) but i find it expensive. When my youngest sister saw it, and said "Since your birthday is coming soon, Little Sister (my another sister) and me will get it for you as birthday present." I was still hesitiating as i still think it was expensive. But my mum said "Since they were getting for you as a present, get it then." So ultimately, it is my birthday present!!!

After that, we went for our dinner @ Asian Kitchen. Fried rice, side dishes like pork chop and the ramen were nice but one of the dessert, banana dessert was not to our taste.

After that, we went back home. It was definitely a good shopping spree!!!

Exams Over

Finally, i had finished my exams!!! Now is waiting for results.. I just hope that i am able to clear all of them and graduate smoothly.. God please be merciful.. Let me pass all of them....