Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of Year 2007

Year 2007 is a year that has many events which really affects my life.

Let talk about a few happy events of the year. (In no particular order)
1. Took my wedding photo shoots
2. Preparing for my wedding and my trip to New Zealand
3. My brother's ROM
4. Have my wedding banquet
5. Went to New Zealand for Honeymoon
6. My brother got his own house
7. My mum's illness is getting better
8. My brother's wedding in Malaysia

There are many more happy occasions but i am not going to list down all or else the list will get longer... LOL

With so many happy events, i thought Year 2007 will be a happy year for me until a few sad events happened.

The saddest event for me was that My granny passed away. She was still ok when i was having my wedding in July. Who would expect that she just passed away just like that. It is really sad for my whole family. Although my granny is a naggy old lady but she is still nice to us.

There is another event that is sad but i am not going to write that down cos sad thing should not be jointed down.. Right..

We should be happy always.


HERE I COME, YEAR 2008!!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

X'mas Party in Office

On 24th Dec 07, my company organised an X'mas party with a small token of $3 from the participant. I am not sure if it the $3 is the culprit or otherwise, Not many people registered for it when we last counted on 21st Dec 07. On the actual day, almost a 100 of people join in, so it is not so bad though..

As i am the game organiser, i need to be at the venue earlier to make sure everything goes well. There is a delay in starting off the party as the food didnt arrive at the stipulated time. To keep everyone awake, i started one game know as Folding Newspaper.

It is a simple game. Each team comprises two members and all they need to do is to keep their body on the surface area of the newspaper. The surface area will get smaller as the newspaper are being folded into halves each round. The only team remains will be the winner. As the newspaper become smaller, there is no way it can be folded and a tie break is being down and a team of woman won the game.
After this game, lunch begins. I didnt eat much as i didnt feel like eating. After 30 minutes, we did a gift exchange for the first 20 people. Then, the second game started.

It is obstacle game and the team have to go through 3 sets of obstacle. First obstacle is to find the chocolates hidden inside a basin full of other items like straws, flour, pebbles and small items. Next obstacle is passing of rubber bands through the use of straws. All team members will line up in straight line holding the straws with their mouth and pass the rubber bands through the straws. All 10 rubbers must go through the process and into the container place next to the bench. Last obstacle is to eat up the pocky sticks hanging on a string. First team to complete the three obstacles wins.

Before we start the game, one of the guy of a team was not spontaneous enough to play as there is flour involved. There was delay for a while cos i need to a replacement for him. Dont understand why he is such a big size guy, so worried about the flour which can be dust off easily.

I was really disappointed and a few of my friends thought i am going to drop my tears.. LOL.. Nevertheless, the game still proceed and they have a great fun. As time is running short, we couldnt play more games and we proceed to lucky and gift exchange.

Here are some of the photos of the event.

Folding Newspaper

"Makan" Time

Wow.. Flour all over

Ready to pass

Yummy pocky stick

Wine.. Did we won???

Lucky lady

Getting attention

Monday, December 10, 2007

Learning A new Craft

I went to my friend, Jullie's house to learn Crocheting. It is similar to knitting but it uses only one knitting needle instead of two. Moreover, if there is a mistake on the looping, it can be unstitch easily but for knitting you have to unpick it.

The first thing taught by Jullie is how to how the yarn and the needle. As i am a left hander, she need to demostrate to me many times to make sure i am clear how to hold them. After that i tried to hold it and it seems easy to hold them. The difficult part to start moving your fingers to release and tightening the yarn.

After that, she demostrate to me on how to do the basic step - Doing Chain. Chain is the basic step to start. When i saw her how to do... it seems so easy but it is NOT!!!

Just doing chain alone, you need to take note a few things. The chain cant be too small cos it will be very tight which is no good as you need the loop to do other loop such as single chain loop or double chain loop. If the basic chain is too big, the final outlook of the pattern will be of very big loop thus not nice.

Just doing the chain alone, i spent near to 3 hours just trying to make it of the correct loop. My fingers were aching. Jullie said that that it is norm to feel the pain as it is first time doing it. I think it is because my fingers are too stiff.

After doing the chain, Jullie taught me on the single chain loop which will loop into the chain. The first set is also not easy but the subsequent loop is much easier. after i finish the 2nd loop, it is already 6pm. It is time for me to go as i am meeting my mum n sister for dinner.

Jullie gave me a small ball of yarn to practice before i buy my own yarn. She said she can lend me the needle but i told her it is ok as i buy it and do the practicing. I want to learn this technique so that i can handmade my own gift for family and friends.

She have many crocheting books and she said i can borrow them if i want to.

Now, i am going to practice every night so that i can make my first crocheting this weekend. After that i am going to ask Jullie to teach me the double chain loop and i can borrow patterns from her.

Jullie, thanks for teaching me the basic technique of crocheting.