Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It been a long while

It is a long while since i blogged.......cos i am super busy at work. So busy that i am lagging in my studies. Faint....

My Exams is in Mid April so i am left with only 3 weeks to do revision. faint. Can i do it or not.?? I must do it if not i will have problem graduating this year...I dont want to pay extra $$$ for additional semester next year and it is also my goal to complete my study this year as there are other plans next year to proceed. When the time is ripe, i will explain my plans..

By hook or by crook, i need to graduate this year. I still have my Final Year Project to be completed by end of the year. If i cant finish, i cant graduate this year le..

God, please give me more strength, time and luck to complete my study by end of the year.

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!