Friday, November 13, 2009

Macau Trip - Part 1

I went to Macau for a short break on 23rd Oct to 25 Oct 09. I went with my friend, Yin Fern (YF). We took Jetstar to Macau. Upon arrival at Macau airport, we took a cab to our hotel to have a rest as we reach Macau @ 1am in the morning. For this trip, YF planned on the whole Itinerary. All i need to do is to follow where she go. It is a easy task for me. LOL. Thanks to YF for her effort.

We bought a pork chop bun for our breakfast, it was great!! We also have wanton noodles in the famous shop known as wong chi kei.

First stop on Macau after our meal was to the St Paul's Ruins and the surrounding attractions such as the museum, fortress garden, churches etc. When we reached the St Paul's Ruins, it was crowded with people taking photos for rememberance. We also took some.

After visiting all the surrounding attractions, we took a bus to another destination, fisherman wharf. We have a walk there as there were alot of europe building and even explore the Haunted House specially for Halloween. At first i was feeling ok on the walk but as time spent in the haunted house got longer, i start to feel scared. YF instead, is getting more brave. We both did get a shock when the "Ghost/Vampires" appear out of nowhere. After that we have dinner and we went back to hotel.

We spent alot of time walking so we rested our legs when we reached our hotel. It is really a walking day in Macau. Day 2 was also fruitful. It will be in my next post.