Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cayden 1st Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday was Cayden's 1st Birthday Celebration!!! It had some hiccups but was solved ultimately.

The day before, i stay up late just to get the decoration items ready. On Sunday, i went to the Link Building to decorate it. Half way through the decoration, some of the balloons burst. It was very loud and i got a shock. Nevertheless, i still proceed. At around 11.30, i finish decorating the area for the celebration. At the same time, the buffet arrived.

I got a rude shock that there were no extra tables and chairs which i ordered from the caterer. The catering guy quickly called his boss with regards to this. The boss apologised but i was not very happy as my guests are about to arrive soon. The boss said that he will get his guy to get the chairs and tables over.

After that, the sky turned dark and heavy downpour came by. At around 12.30pm, some of my guests arrived but the tables and chairs had not arrived. I have to apologised to them but they dont mind at all as there were seat available at the study corner.

Luckily, the tables and chairs arrived @ 1pm and most of the guests arrived after that. When kids arrived, i gave the goodies bag that i had prepared for them together with the sculpted balloons by my sister. More details of the goodies bag and balloons will be on next blog entry. I also prepared a handmade crochet coaster as a gift to my guests. These handmade crochet coasters were made by my friend, Jullie and she in turn ask help fromBetsy as i also have other other for Jullie to made.

Both of them are good at handicraft. I had introduce betsy in my previous blog entry. As for Jullie, She is my polymate and she is also the "Matchmaker" to me and my Hubby, Kin Mun. I got to know Kin Mun through her. Although we dont always contact each other but still care for each other.

Not to sidetrack further, i shall continue the celebration. My guests like the coasters. I had a great chat with my guests of which some are extremely old friends. We knew each other for 18 years. Some of new found friend and Betsy is one of them.

At around 2pm, we cut the cake, Cayden seems to know that we are celebrating his birthday so he smile throughout during the cake cutting cum singing session. As my guest were very full with the food as beside the buffet, i also have savouries for them.

It is a simple affair but it is definitely day to remember as Cayden turns One Year Old!! I will continue to have more entries on his birthday but will take a bit of time to sort the photos out. Here is the photo of the handmade crochet coaster.

photo courtesy from Jullie's blog

If you like handmade stuff, can approach Jullie and Betsy.