Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Is Love???

What does Love means to you? Does Loving someone means possession of someone? Love is so Vulnerable, if you are not careful, it will break into pieces and pierce into you heart.

You may wonder why i have the above sad quote. It is because one of my friend is trouble with love. I dont know how to help so i can only listen.

Hope the sky will be clear and the field will be green again for my friend.

For those who are blessed with love, please treasure it. Dont regret if you lost it.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Busy Day

It had been a busy day for me yesterday. I need to rush to submit for a project and report for my school assignment.

My project was due by 26th Feb 07 at 5pm and guess what, it was only ready at 4.55pm.. How to rush to submit the project?? My director and my colleague, Shwe quickly drive down and sent the documents to the client. I must thank Shwe for lending a helping hand to complete the project during the Chinese New Year Week while i am away. Thanks Shwe and sorry for causing you not able to enjoy your holiday much.

After work, i need to submit a report to my lecturer. Actually the report is more or less done, thanks to Xin Rong for putting the effort to compile during the Chinese New Year week while i am away. I only do some minor changes to it.

Still, everything is in time for submission so all ends well.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Long Holiday Break

I just returned from my chinese new year trip to Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. My hubby's hometown. It is good break away from work and lazing around doing nothing except eating, sleeping and watching television program. Sounds like a pig huh!!! Haha.

I took a bus ride up on the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year. Took the morning bus at 9am. The journey took almost 10 hours before i reached ipoh. What a long journey!!! Traffic jam occurs when it is near to Ipoh. Usual only took 8 hours to travel back to ipoh.

Normally i wont mind even if i reach 7pm but on that day i need to rush for a relative's wedding. Upon arrival at the bus station, my hubby fetched me to the hotel where the wedding reception was held. Guess what!!!.. I need to change at the washroom of the hotel. What a way to get ready to attend a wedding reception.

The wedding started at around 7.30pm. Quite punctual though.(Invitation card written 7.30pm) How nice if Singaporean can practice this punctuality when attending wedding reception. Wedding reception in Singapore doesnt get start before 8.30pm.

The newlyweds came back from Perth, Australia to have this wedding reception. The bride is a australian, quite petite and pretty too. Since this wedding was during chinese new year, there was a lion dance. Lion Dance during a wedding, something special right.

Although the wedding reception was held in a restaurant of a hotel but the food is really poor, service no good and the cutlery are also not so clean. I had changed a few sets before i get a clean set of cutlery.

The wedding reception ends around 10.30pm and i reached home at around 11pm. Wanted to sleep after my bath, but who's knows my brother in law's friends came by so need to stay awake for a while.

Finally get to sleep at around 1am. What a long day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone out there. Today is nothing special to me as i dont really celebrate this day. Reason being that, my better half always need to go back to his hometown in malaysia as the Chinese New Year is always round the corner. It had been years that V-Day always coincide with Chinese New Year, so i never celebrate it on actual day.

Moreover, i also need to attend classes and i always firmly believe that, this day, is the day where the shop owner earns your $$$ many times more. I am a realistic person, so normally both of us will celebrate earlier. I rather to have the $$$ put into my pocket than to put the the shop owner's pocket. If everyone thinks like me, then the shop owner will have to faint liao. LOL

I always have this thinking, if both of you are truly in love, everyday is a Valentine's Day, so why spend $$$ on the actual day itself. Every little action for your better half can be done everyday.
It is much more meaningful this way.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

6 days to Chinese New Year

Woohoo... 6 more days to Chinese New Year!!!! This means i am going to have a long break. Horray.. Alas!!! before this long break i have to struggle to finish my work as i want to complete most of the work or even everything by this Friday, 16th Feb 2007.

I still need to go school, i cant possible always play truant right. (I had played truant last week just to do OT for this Job) Sometimes i do ask myself.. Why do i need to work so hard since i wont be much appreciated and no OT claim either. After thinking, i think this is how i want my life to be.

I always firmly believe, if you have try your very best to complete the task being assigned, it means you did you best and you will have a clear conscience even if you are not appreciated by your superior.

In my previous job, i was only appreciated a few months before i tender resignation. Still i have no regrets of how i do my work and being responsible throughout for the task assigned.

Always remember "Being Responsible and having a Clear Conscience is the way of life". At least this is how i want my life to be.

Sick on Monday..

I was sick on monday so not able to blog. I was experiencing heaviness on my head and feel giddy when i came in to work on monday.

Some of my colleagues ask me, why do i look so pale. I said "not sure leh.. but giddy lor". Another colleague even mentioned to me "You looked so pale that now you are even fairer then me"

As i had work which need to complete really soon as chinese new year is just round the corner, i endure the heaviness n giddiness till lunch time and i went to see doctor. Doctor ask me to rest so he give me 0.5 day MC.

So i went home after seeing doctor. Didnt really eat much as i kind of full so i bath before i sleep. Me slept till 6.30pm. Feeling better but didnt eat dinner till 9plus as i really feel full. Dont know what caused the fullness.

I do have a good rest thou, so it is not so bad.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Have a Great Weekend

Finally, end of the day...but not for me cos i need to do OT... so sian....How to avoid all these since i am already in Chinese New Year's Mood.. Cant wait for the CNY to come.. Normally i dont really like CNY as it is kind of boring for me.

I believe when you grow older, you will not like CNY as your relatives will ask you all kind of questions and you also be shy to take the Ang Pow given to you : p

This time round, not so bad cos it is a long rest for me as my company shutdown for a week.. WooHoo...

Enough of my grumbling on the OT, People out there, Enjoy your upcoming weekend and the CNY in one week's time.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Weekend is round the corner

Finally, the weekend is coming but i bet the weekend will be short again as i have many things to do. (need to OT, cos the stupid customer dont want to extend the dateline for the submission.)

Not able to laze around at home during weekend.. Poor me..sob...sob...Still i am looking forward for the weekend as i will be going for a workshop on valvet flower making.

You may wonder why am i learning so many things, first is the chocolate molding, now is the valvet flower making. In fact, nothing in particular, i just want to know more things, who know i can even do business out of it. LOL.

Besides these two workshops, i have register for another 3 workshops which is coming in march but i am keeping as a suspense to it. So to know more, do come to my blogspot often to see my updates.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Non Edited Photoes

Above are some of the photos i scan from the hardcopy ones. They may or may not be chosen and placed on my actual wedding album.

I will post here once the photos are finalised. Meanwhile just enjoy the above photos

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Talk of the Day

During lunch time today, i am sharing my experience on choosing a Bridal studio(BS) in JB and the inclusive of the package with my colleagues as one of them is also getting married soon.

I have a good experience with my BS and i will recommend it to my friends who want to get married soon. Even if i recommend, it also depends on your liking. So brides to be, dont blame me if you dont like it as different people, different taste. Still i believe that my BS is good as it is also recommended by brides from the Singapore Brides forum. This is where i get to know about the BS.

I had my hardcopy non edited photo samples returned to me (400plus pcs in total of 8 sheets of photo paper. I didnt realised i took so many photos) when i went to choose photos out of the lot to put in wedding album. Do take note that normally the non edited samples are not return unless you add photos or you pay for it.

My package consists of 38 photos and i had added another 33 photos at a special price. I believed i am able to get special deal cos my brother is also taking his wedding photos in the same shop.

Right now, i am waiting for my designing and editing of the album to be ready for viewing. Probably after Chinese New Year. I cant wait to see the final product.

So people, don't take my package as a guide. Actually, most bridal packages has the same basic inclusion, it depends how you bargain for more items for your own package. At the same time, it is also depends what kind of photography styles you like and how much you are willingly to spend.

Basic package are as follows: (in Yr 2006, base on my memory)
21 pose with 10 page of album (2 sided), 1 or 2 table top depending on the size. ( I got 2 of the 12" x 15" table top, really lucky)
6 to 7 gowns in total for photoshoot(for both indoor n outdoor shoots) Within these, you may choose traditional costumes. In any combination, total 7 styling.
a piece of "chuang tou zhao" of i tink 20" x 40" or 36' x 15" sumtin like dat lah.
a album of the photos chosen in 6R ( no designing made to it, just normal full page)
100 pcs of 4R photos
Return of softcopy of those chosen photos

So people, when choosing for BS, do remember to bargain for better benefits as you want your money well spent. Still, you must look for BS that suit your needs and wants and not choose a BS that is cheap but in the end you dont like it at all. I have a friend who took photoshoot twice in two different studios in Singapore as the first time, the photos doesnt out what she wants

Brides to be, if you happen to read my blog and want to have the address/contact of the bridal studio, do drop me your email address on the 'comment' area and i can email the details to you.

I will definitely recommend my BS, SG Bridal House in JB as it is very customer oriented and i really feel at home. This is what i like about this studio.

Absent Minded

I reached office kind of early today as my "driver" needs to go to work early. Shortly after i arrived office.. i realised that i forgotten to bring my office document.. Hai, why am i so absent minded..

As i need the document, i have to go home and take it. Hai.. While waiting at the bus stop, my company lorry pass by the bus stop so i hop on to reach my destination. Luckily, the lorry passby, if not i dont know how long must i wait for the bus since it is off peak and it is in industrial area

On my way back to office, i waited quite long for my bus back to office. It was so long that i almost fall asleep while waiting. Finally, the bus came and journey back office is a breeze. Thank God.

I just hope i wont be absent-minded again.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Weekend Is Over....

Why is the weekend so short. I seems not able to have enough rest over the weekend. I went for my chocolate molding class on Sunday. It is not as difficult as i thought, but you need to be patient while doing it.

First thing to do is to melt the chocolate. Chocolate use is compound chocolate or what the US people know it as Candy melt. Melting process can be very fast or slow depending of the equipment you use for melting. 1 minute if using a microwave and 30 minutes if using double boil method.

In the class, microwave is used so melting process is really quick. Other equipments required are moulds(Can use those jelly mould type or the orginal chocolate mould where they are available in some supermarkets or specialised shop like B-I-Y ( and brushes.(Those fine brushes used for painting, which is available in bookshops)

B-I-Y also sells candy melt but it is kind of expensive. if you want to have cheaper one, can get at a shop call Phong Huat but it is extremely sweet as we use this type of chocolates during the class.

Once all the melts are ready, depending what is the design you have on your moulds and you can act accordingly. Your fine brushes will come in if the design on the mould is very delicated but if the design is of simple shape like heart shape, you can just pour in the melt into the moulds.

After pouring in, just place it in the freezer to get it harden. 5 to 10 mins will be good enough. If more complicated design or chocolate boxes are made, more time is required for the chocolate to set and harden.

On the whole, it is a good experience as there are many many moulds to try out. If doing it yourself at home, you wont buy so many moulds so it is fun to try so many designs

Friday, February 2, 2007


Woohoo... Today is Friday.. End of the week. Horray.. This morning, i went to a meeting for one of the project we want to quote. This meeting is on the work scope, the limitation and Bid Date. It is a tough job leh. Die ah.. no need to attend school next week liao as due date is on 26th Feb 07 and it is immediately after cny shutdown. HOW??? This means that this project quote need to be ready by 16th Feb 07. Me faint ah.. How to do so many things in such a short period? Somemore, i have a CA next week, havnt study it yet.. arghhhhhhhhhhhhh..............

Anyway, I will do my best lah...hai. Hate urgent work. arghhhhhhhh.........Enough of grumbling cos today is friday. I must enjoy my weekend before i start my hectic work schedule next week.

Everyone, Have a great weekend ahead....... =p

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Today is the first day of February of Year 2007. How time flies..We just had our christmas party last december and now, Chinese New Year is only 2 weeks away. Oh Gosh, after cny, March is coming. Wow.. so fast..

For those who still have alot goals to achieve, just like me, really must work hard for your goals as time and tide wait for no man. Sound as it we are growing old in no time. LOL..

Just remember "Live your Life to the Fullest with no regrets" There is no turning back of the things you have done, what we can is to do better next time round.

Always Give your Best Shot in everything you do!!!!!