Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Photos taken at Tiger Live

Here are some of the photos taken at Tiger Live. Didnt have too many photos to show as photography inside is prohabited. People, if you want to know more, pay to get into TIGER LIVE..

This type truck is used to deliver the Beer in the early stage

Main Entrance of Tiger Live

What a Big Mug of Beer!!!

Mug too big for me to hug, so just say cheese..


After the Family Day at Sentosa, A few of us went to St James' Power Station to check out the "TIGER LIVE".This is an exhibition all about Tiger Beer since it started in 1930s. We also get to know how Beer is being brewed through an animated short film. You need to a special made goggles to watch the film.

After the film, we got to enjoy a glass of SUPER COOL Tiger Beer. Before trying out the beer, the Bartender demonstrated and explain how to fill the glass with beer in proper way. After that he ask for volunteer to try out. I volunteered. I thought it will be easy but ALAS.. it is not easy at all. When i was filling the glass with beer, alot of foams formed. Although not a perfect one, but i still get to try out the beer that i filled myself.

I am not going to disclosed what is the correct way to fill the beer, if you want to know how to do it, go to TIGER LIVE..

This is the first time i am trying out Beer cos all along, i dont like Beer as i felt they are BITTER. After having the first taste, it was confirmed. Beer are BITTER. My friends told me that the normal tiger beer is even more bitter than this super cool beer. In the end, i add sprite to the beer and it taste better, not so bitter and it is slightly sweet.

As i volunteered, i get another glass of beer. As i dont really like the taste so i gave it to my friend.

It is a nice experience in there but the admission ticket is not cheap. Luckily, we have 1 for 1 coupon for the admission ticket so we only pay half the normal price. (This coupon only valid for that day. Sorry folks, if you want to go, please pay full price.)

Adult Admission Ticket: S$18.00
Minor under 18 years: S$12.00

NTU Family Day Photos..

Hi People.. Here are some photos taken during the NTU Family Day at Sentosa. We really enjoy ourselves. Happy Viewing!!!!

Girls' Power. Myself, Xin Rong and Jhen Lin

Phua & Jhen Lin. A Happy Couple

The one in the centre is my sister, Nicole

The 2KM walk from Palawan Beach to Siloso Beach
Yuan Quan, We took this photo for you.. You miss a handsome guy!!!

Our Free Bento Set

Xin Rong seems to like the food

Real Tattoo??????

Real Tattoo??????

Real Tattoo??????

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Woke up early today as my family, friends and myself are going for NTU Family Day at Sentosa.

Arrive at Harbour front Interchange at 7.30am to take the shuttle bus to Sentosa. Suppose to meet my friends at the interchange at 7.30am but alas.. they are LATE...

Meet them at Palawan Beach Instead. Upon arrival, we get our door gift which is a reversible fisherman cap.(Red & Beige colour) Nothing fantastic but consider a useful one as it helps to shade us from the sun. HAHA.

After that, we did the Singapore workout before our 2KM walk to Siloso Beach where the big event happens. During the walk we spotted a handsome guy and decided to picture him to show to one of our friend who decided not to come in the end.

We joined in the Telematch but didnt win any prize. Actually, we might win the last event but there is a team is didnt play it according to the rules but the referee didnt see it so they finish the line first. In any case, we play it fair and we are proud of it.

There are some games and fringe activities. We did some tattoo on our arms, legs and neck. These artifical tattoos is able to last for 4 days.

Lunch was nothing fantastic as it is rice with dishes but the dessert was nice though.
The event come to an end with Lucky draw event but all of us didnt win a prize.

It is considered a not so bad event as we do enjoy ourselves and most importantly, this event is FREE... LOL

Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 more days..

My hubby was away for business trip on the 4th March 07 and was suppose to be back on the 11th March 07 but was extended for another week. Alas..i need to wake up early again for another week..

Finally, 3 more days, 18th March 07, he will be back to Singapore. Horray.. i need not wake up early for work as he is able to send me to work from 19th March 07..Yippee!!!

After reading the above, this sentence will come to your mind "Huh.. why this person didnt even miss her hubby but is more concern of her beauty sleep!!"

In fact i am immune of the separation. Why is this so? This is because, my hubby, boyfriend back in 2001, he went to Australia to study for 2 years and we also didnt get to see each other We communicate through email and phone calls. We dont call each other everyday, probably every 4 days or even 2 weeks when he is tied up with his study. I only get to see him twice when i visited him in Australia. Once when he just went over, another is during his graduation.

So what is 2 weeks compare to 2 years. I also believe that a short separation makes the love grows fonder.. so after this short separation, our love for each other will be more fonder and deeper..

Very mushy hor.. LOL


I had received news that one of my colleague cum friend is leaving the company. When i heard, i was kind of sad as i am in good terms with this girlfriend even though we do not know each other for long. We are able to click and we do share same views in most of the things.

For me, it is kind of difficult to be in good terms with gals as i am a straight forward person, so not every woman can take it. Moreover, i study engineering, so all these while, i am surrounded with guys and can mixed well with them instead of gals. Most importantly, i ever being "backstab" by a gal in my 2nd Job.

She is one of the gals in office which i can click with and some of her characteristic traits is simliar to mine. When she told me she want to leave, i was shock but was happy too as she found a job which she likes. Friends are suppose to support each other no matter what lies ahead.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavours....

Take Care...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Toto Winner

The Hong Bao Toto Draw was drawn last friday and only 2 winning tickets to share 10.5 million. They are so lucky.. each ticket is worth of 5.25million. Why i am NOT one of the WINNER? 5.25million...i can do alot with this amount of money and i even can be my own boss. (refer to my wishlist).

When will i be so lucky like them? If i won, i can do alot of things with it. "If.. If If..", alot of "ifs' have flash to my mind. Let be reaslitic.. there is no "Ifs" in this world. We need to work hard for it unless you are the lucky one that the GOD blessed you with everything.

If not, let come back to this reaslitic world. In this world, there is no fairness, even your fingers and toes, they are of different length. Just believe in fate and leave everything to fate.

I always believe "What is meant to BE, will BE and what is YOURS, it will always be YOURS".

Friday, March 2, 2007

2nd day of March

It is friday today and it is already 2nd day of March. My term break ends this weekend and classes resume next monday. I didnt spend my term break wisely due to two reasons:

1. Too busy with work (that stupid client insist of the price to be given to them)
2. Too tired after so not able to my revision.

Even though the class resume next monday.. i might have problem going to class monday and as i am rushing another tender to be submitted on tuesday evening. Should able to go for my class from tuesday onwards.

In hope to go to class on monday, I need to return to office tomorrow, which is 3rd march 07 to do OT.. So sian. I also can't do for too long as i am sending my brother off to India. He will be away to India to work for 8 months. It will be a long time till i see him again.

Just pray that everything went fine for him in India and myself too..

It is coming to an end

How time flies... Chinese new year is coming to an end.. This means, march is just round the corner which also means my exams is just 1 month away. Oh my God.. I have not even do my revision for my upcoming CA and the exams are coming soon.

How am i suppose to cope....?????? Oh No.. I better make full use of my weekends... if not.. i am not going to do well in both my CAs and Exams..

God, please grant me POWER to excel in my exams.