Sunday, August 26, 2007

Poor Service

Today, i went for my facial. It supposed to be on monthly basis but i was too busy to visit monthly so it almost 2 month plus before i make this appointment. At this place, the facial consultant is always not the same as this place want the customer to enjoy different services & techniques of their consultants.

All along, i have a good experience with the consultant until today. I was late for 20 minutes as something cropped up. When i arrived, I apologised for my lateness and the consultant was waiting for me.

The process such as cleansing, clearing the pores and explaining my problem is doing fine until the final process of putting mask on my face. Mask mixture was flowing to my ear. I am not sure if the consultant is too new or she didnt notice it. I signalled to her and she say wait for the mask to dry and she do help to clean the mask that flowed to my ear.

I thought everything was OK until she removed the mask and the service is over. I notice a piece of dry mask and scraps of mask was left on my ear. OMG... I was so disappointed. As a service person, if you make some mistakes during your service, you must make sure to solve the problem.

It seems like she didnt bother to check if the mask was removed throughly from ear. When i ask if she have any side mirror for me to check again if mask was left behind, she did check briefly for me and say sorry but i cant feel the sincerity.

Next time round, if she is going to serve me, i will sure reject.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I am not stressful about work but about study. This semester, many subjects are of project based group work. I even have to do my Final Year Project. (FYP) So much reading is required for my FYP

The project based group work also need time to do and must have good coordination to ensure the project turns out good as the weightage is not small

HW210 - 100% project based. (5 in a group, The same group of people except we have a member who is a stranger)
MP3011 - 50% project based, 50% Exams (3 in a group, the same group of people)
MP4007 - 40% project based, 60% Exams (Havent group yet, most probably the same group of people)

Just pray hard that i am able to complete the task and do well for my subjects

God, Please bless me with good luck!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sharing Session

Last Saturday, i went to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya to attend the book sharing session organised by Yes 93.3. It is a travel book written by Mary Bukoh, DJ of Yes 93.3. Title is "Zi You Zi Zai" (Free & easy, Self Drive)

It is a nice book, it makes you want to go as there are many pictures to show us the country. The book sharing session last for 1 hr. Mary Bukoh tells us about her trip to the places, experiences and the difficulties writing the book.

At the same time, she also ask questions on her book and i won a Boomerang from Australia. Most of her gift are from Australia. Her questions can be found from the book. Just need to flip thru if you do not know the answer when she asked.

Those who like travel and like to prepare yourself for the trip, maybe can get her book for reference. (Places she went are Maldives, Mauritius, Siem Reap, Australia(a few areas such as Queensland, Melbourne, etc)

You are able to get the book at Kinokuniya & Popular. Each Book is $15. I tink if you have the previlege cards of the bookstore, can get discount.

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Friday

End of the week liao.. So happy that work week going to end soon but I have so many things to do this weekend.

The list are as follows: (For both Saturday & Sunday)

1. Attend my friend's babies full month celebration
2. Meet up my friend to pass her things
3. To print out photos
4. Might attend an event organised by Yes 9.33
5. Play Badminton with my Siblings
6. Attend event organised by Woman's Day Out Committee
7. Do shopping
8. Read up notes on my FYP and do homework from school.
9. Tidy my house

What a long list. Not sure can finish on time or not. Wish me Luck!!!


Plankton asked Patrick if Patrick is ready to present in front of Mr. B. Plankton keep urging Patrick to be fast as Mr. B is waiting. Plankton seldom so concern about the presentation. All the sudden so concern. It is definitely got to do with Mr. B.

Plankton is so fake. Just don't understand why Plankton stoop so low.. LOL..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Danger II

Seems like Mr. Penguin is trying to launch an "attack" today. Mr. Penguin didnt inform X on certain things. Luckily X is not stupid. X ask around first and bingo.. X know about that something without approaching Mr. Penguin.

Today, BATMAN is being "attack" by Z indirectly. Mr. A came and tell something on rumours. Z immediately take the opportunity to retaliate back to BATMAN. The sentance made by Z was something like "Dont believe in rumours, must ask directly" X also pointed out"Always ask the people who are involved in, instead of listening to rumours".

BATMAN used to join in the conversation even it doesnt involve BATMAN. This time round, BATMAN didnt join in.. It is becos BATMAN know that X & Z know BATMAN is spreading rumours or BATMAN just feeling gulity of spreading rumours??

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Danger Arises. Reason being there is a "BATMAN" around. Now must be very careful in everything you do. "BATMAN" is transforming in disguise and putting everyone in danger. "BATMAN" is a Kawan of Mr. PENGUIN. "BATMAN" have been supplying information to Mr. PENGUIN and may have distorted facts and everyone in danger.

X was striked with "Poison Arrow" and has been bleeding.. Bleed stop. Seems like second arrow is coming but X is arming with Shield.

Shields are shown now to avoid getting hurt. DANGER!!! DANGER!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ever since my classes started last week, i been feeling tired. Not sure if i am tired cos need to study and work at the same time or just physical & mentally tired.

Why do we need to slog so hard, just to live??? Really dont understand y!!!! Cant we just have an easy and peaceful life????

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Makan Session

I went out with my friends for Makan on National Day. We had Mexican Food and Fondue at Haagen Daz. Most of us are first timer trying Mexican food. The taste is not bad but most of the food is made of flour. Eat occasionally is not bad as flour made people fat. Now i know why some mexican are fat. LOL.
Here are some pictures of the food taken by my friends. Enjoy.

Mexican Crepe & Chocolate Mousse

Chef Recommendation : "Fajita"

The Sauces & Skin for wrapping the mains

The main - Hotplate Chicken

Another Chef's Recommendation - Cha Cha "something"

For this dish, you can choose your own combination. This combi is prawn and shredded chicken

Mango Margarita

Crab Meat Wrap

Prawn Burritos

Appetizer: Nacho in melted cheese

Fondue at Haagen Dazs

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 11 to Day 14 - Christchurch & Kaikoura

Continue from previous blog dated 30 July 07.

Day 11

With cold weather on Day 10, we wake up slightly late and leave the hostel at around 10am. Today we are going to drive back to Ashburton before heading for Kaikoura on Day 12.

Ashburton is a major service centre for the local farming district, Ashburton sits between the Rakaia and Rangitata Rivers. When European settlers first arrived here, the area was a dry, tussock-covered expanse with hardly any trees.

On the driving route, we passed by a few small towns such as Geraldine and there were many beautiful scenary en route so we stopped our car to take photos. By the time we reached Ashburton, it is around 5plus. We started to look for our accommodations and we couldnt find one as they are either fully booked or very expensive. In the end, we decided to drive for another 2 hours to Christchurch instead as there are vacancies available in Holiday Park.

We finally reach Christchurch at around 8pm but we couldnt find the holiday park and we keep going around the city of Christchurch. Finally we found it after 30 mins of drive. Faint.

We get a cabin with kitchen facilities and we cooked for our dinner. We are famished. We get to bed after shower which was a shared camp facilities.

Day 12

We start our drive at 8am to Kaikoura. Kaikoura is 3 hrs drive from Christchurch. Kaikoura is a base for wildlife experiences of all kinds – it’s also a great place to eat crayfish (in the Maori language kai means food, koura means crayfish). The environment is truly spectacular – the village is caught between the rugged Seaward Kaikoura Range and the Pacific Ocean.

The purpose of going to Kaikoura is to watch Sperm whale which are largely found in Kaikoura. Upon reaching Kaikoura, we make our booking with I-site for our whale watching at 12.45pm. This whale watching is not cheap. NZ$130/Adult. Although it is expensive but since we had drive for 3 hours, cant possible to have a waste trip.

As there was 45 minutes before the activity, we decided to have light lunch. Since Kaikoura is near to the sea, taking seafood definitely is the right choice. Wanted to try on the crayfish which Kaikoura is famous for but thought that we might not have enough time to eat in a restaurant so we chose a cafe instead. I took Fish and Chips which is cheap and good while my husband took Hotdog as he dont really fancy seafood.

At around 12.35pm, we drive to the location for the whale watching event. It is just 3 minutes drive. At around 1.15pm, we were told to board a coach so they can drive us to the Bay to take the cruise (Many people signed up this event). The sea was rough and many people vomitted on the way to the high sea. I vomitted only on the way back to the shore. Hai..All my fish and chips gone.

We saw total of 4 Sperm whales which considered a good trip as normally, only 3 whales can be seen. The whale is 18m long and they were so hugh. On our way back to the shore, we saw a school of Dusky Dolphins which is even a rare opportunity as told by the guide. There were a total of 1000plus dusky dolphins and they are flipping and diving happily in the sea.

As the cruise is a 3 hours trip, by the time we reached the shore, it is almost 4.30pm. It was a great trip as we got to see so many wild mammals.

Day 13

We drive back to Christchurch. Today is the last day for our trip in South Island of New Zealand.
Since it was a Saturday, we went to the weekend market at the Arts Centre. There were shops selling all sort of food and I tried on the Thai vegetable nuggets and my husband tried on German sausages. It was nice taste for the sausage.

We also do some last minute shopping at the market and my husband bought 3 Paua Shells which he had been looking for it and he finally got it cheap and nice at a weekend market. We do found some shops in Kaikoura selling the Paua shells but they were all expensive.

At night, we drive to a Liqour shop to buy red wine for his eldest brother. During payment, the cashier ask me for my license to verify my age. The rule is that if they feel any customer is under age 25, they have the right to check the identification. OMG!! I was underage in the eyes of New Zealanders. Nevertheless, i showed them my driving license for verification. They have the "Puzzled" look

Day 14

Today, we need to depart Christchurch back to Singapore. On our way to return our car, we dropped by at Subway to get a foot long of sandwich. The rental company drive us to the Airport for our departure.

During check in, we were told that one of our hand luggage exceeded the permitted size and weight. So we removed some of the items and acts a separate item to be carried up to the flight. Instead of one bag, it become three bags which is OK to hand carry on board.

What the difference of carrying one bag or three bags? To me it is of no difference as you carry the same amount of weight on board. As the flight for delayed due to the fact that the flight arrived Christchurch late.

At around 11.45am, we boarded our flight back to Singapore. As the flight is not full, we constantly have food served. This was the first time i was served with different food and snacks such as Tim Tam and Apples.

Really misses my trip to New Zealand. Will definitely return to New Zealand.

Eve of National Day

As today is the eve of National day, radio has been playing national day songs since morning. I am puzzled with one thing, why only played it when it is near to National Day??

Cant they play it every now and then?? LOL

This Year National Day Theme song, "There is no place i rather be" is a nice song. This song really reflect the life in Singapore. Personally, i like the song. I also realised one thing, whenever Local Songbird, Kit Chan is selected to sing the National Day Theme Song, the song tends to be a nice one. Not sure it is because the singer is Kit Chan or so coincidentally that there is nice song for Kit Chan? This will remain a mystery.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Last Weekend, I went to watch Transformer with my husband near our home. Although the show has been screening for quite a while but personally feel that it is a indeed a right choice to watch it.

We left our house at 6.20pm and reaches Jurong Point at around 6.30pm. We are trying our luck if there is tickets available for the show "Transformer". There are still tickets available for the 6.30pm show. We asked if the show had started and we are being told that it will be starting in 5 minutes time. We hesitated for a while and decided to watch even though it is the front 6 rows.

As my husband is the one who wish to watch this show, so i asked him to go in first while i queue for some popcorn and food. (Transformer used to be boys' toy)

When i got into the cinema, the show started and i missed a bit of the beginning but nothing major. The storyline is nothing that fantastic but the actions of the robots transforming from cars were indeed magnificent. I believed that the producers sure spend alot of time to get the action done. I wish to have the car like the main lead. Life will be interesting with such car.

Never regretted watching this show.

National Day

This Thursday, 9th August 07, is Singapore Birthday. Hmm....42 years old for Singapore. When i was young, i was very excited as i get to see many performances and especially fireworks. I even participated in one of the event when i was secondary two. The Event is flashcard. It is really fun.

As i grow older, i am no longer excited about it. Now, national day to me, it is just a public holiday for me to stay at home and a reminder of my close friend's birthday. So not Singaporean..LOL

This national day, i am meeting my friends for lunch but we had not decided what to eat, so just hope that we can find good food.