Monday, December 28, 2009

Cayden Photos

Here are some of the photos of my naughty Boy, Cayden!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cayden Is 16 months Old Today

Today, Cayden turns 16 months!!! How times flies!!! We just celebrated his 1st birthday few months ago and his 2nd birthday is just few more months away!!! Cayden indeed bring proud and joy to Kin Mun, myself and our families.

Although Cayden does not know how to speak but he can do alot of things that we ask him to do. This really reassure me that he will speak one day. He will say ma ma (Grandma), mama and mum mum at times but you must be very alert to hear him said that.

The few things he learn were to dance, to wave bye bye, to touch someone, to move his eyebrows, pout his mouth, squeeze his eyes, take his shoes, take biscuits.

When nice upbeat music is on, Cayden will move his body. If his favourite song, Twinkle little star is on, he will move his fingers to ask us to sing for him and act as an action of the twinkle.

He knew how to wave bye when we say byebye to him. Whenever, we told him to touch someone, he will point his finger and touch that person.

Then one of the days, there was a Cadbury chocolate commerical where two kids are moving their eyebrows along with the music. Next moment, Cayden already know how to to move his eyebrows up and down. At first we thought it just a coincidence but who knows when we say "eyebrows". he will move it. That is the power of TV commercial!!

Then when we say "eyes", he will just squeeze his eyes to be very small. As for pout his mouth is an indication of his mouth and nose.

We also taught him that we need to wear shoes and shorts before we going out. So whenever we told him we are going out, he will go n take his shoes and shorts and come looking for you to wear it for him.

Cayden also likes to see birds and fish. Whenever he saw a bird, he will point to you and he will stare at the bird. Same goes to the fish.

Although he is adorable but he can be very naughty especially with my mum. My mum is his caregiver when both of us are working. My mum adores him alot as he is my mum's first grandson. Now let talk about how naughty he is.

He always have his favourite food at the dining table. Besides nestle cereals, he like puff aka biscuits from Gerbers. It is of a star shape and it is of a few favours like sweet potatos, banana, strawberry and peach. Luckily he liked this biscuits as he DON'T TAKE ANY FRUITS!!! So this biscuits is the only source for his intake of fruits. Moreover, it is full of nutrients.

Now come to his naughty part. My mum will portion the biscuits and let him eat. He will sit down and eat. When he finished all the portion, he will ask for more but my mum wont give him as this puff is for snack purpose. Then when my mum is not looking, he will climb on his bicycle and try to reach his biscuits. Luckily my mum caught his act and bring him down. At times, he will tip toe trying to reach it from the table. It seems to be clever of him to do it but it is dangerous for him to do it. We already told him not do it.

He had more naughty acts such as spilling his food when he dont want it anymore, hitting on my sister when she is sleeping as he need someone to play with him. I always told my mum to scold him or beat him when he naughty but my mum adores him so didnt do it. The funny thing is that, these things never happen at home. Whenever he is at home with us, he dont do the acts. Maybe I was too fierce for him so he dare not to misbehave. LOL.

There are alot of more things to write about Cayden. But for now, here is a recent photo of him when we took it at Ikea.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Flea Market Bazzar

I will be having my First Flea Market Bazzar @ Clarke Quay Central Square. It is known as Mille Fleur Bazzar. It is near to the pub "Clinic" Do drop by and say hello to me and also to purchase my products too.. LOL .Here are the details.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Macau Trip - Part 1

I went to Macau for a short break on 23rd Oct to 25 Oct 09. I went with my friend, Yin Fern (YF). We took Jetstar to Macau. Upon arrival at Macau airport, we took a cab to our hotel to have a rest as we reach Macau @ 1am in the morning. For this trip, YF planned on the whole Itinerary. All i need to do is to follow where she go. It is a easy task for me. LOL. Thanks to YF for her effort.

We bought a pork chop bun for our breakfast, it was great!! We also have wanton noodles in the famous shop known as wong chi kei.

First stop on Macau after our meal was to the St Paul's Ruins and the surrounding attractions such as the museum, fortress garden, churches etc. When we reached the St Paul's Ruins, it was crowded with people taking photos for rememberance. We also took some.

After visiting all the surrounding attractions, we took a bus to another destination, fisherman wharf. We have a walk there as there were alot of europe building and even explore the Haunted House specially for Halloween. At first i was feeling ok on the walk but as time spent in the haunted house got longer, i start to feel scared. YF instead, is getting more brave. We both did get a shock when the "Ghost/Vampires" appear out of nowhere. After that we have dinner and we went back to hotel.

We spent alot of time walking so we rested our legs when we reached our hotel. It is really a walking day in Macau. Day 2 was also fruitful. It will be in my next post.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Online Business

I always want to do some online business and i finally got my wish when i started a blogshop end of september this year. For a start, i email my friends of the stock i have through powerpoint/pdf format. When they get the clothes from me, i will provide an payment invoice and i will include my blogspot address. Click Here for my blogshop.

IF you are free do visit my blogshop!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cayden 1st Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday was Cayden's 1st Birthday Celebration!!! It had some hiccups but was solved ultimately.

The day before, i stay up late just to get the decoration items ready. On Sunday, i went to the Link Building to decorate it. Half way through the decoration, some of the balloons burst. It was very loud and i got a shock. Nevertheless, i still proceed. At around 11.30, i finish decorating the area for the celebration. At the same time, the buffet arrived.

I got a rude shock that there were no extra tables and chairs which i ordered from the caterer. The catering guy quickly called his boss with regards to this. The boss apologised but i was not very happy as my guests are about to arrive soon. The boss said that he will get his guy to get the chairs and tables over.

After that, the sky turned dark and heavy downpour came by. At around 12.30pm, some of my guests arrived but the tables and chairs had not arrived. I have to apologised to them but they dont mind at all as there were seat available at the study corner.

Luckily, the tables and chairs arrived @ 1pm and most of the guests arrived after that. When kids arrived, i gave the goodies bag that i had prepared for them together with the sculpted balloons by my sister. More details of the goodies bag and balloons will be on next blog entry. I also prepared a handmade crochet coaster as a gift to my guests. These handmade crochet coasters were made by my friend, Jullie and she in turn ask help fromBetsy as i also have other other for Jullie to made.

Both of them are good at handicraft. I had introduce betsy in my previous blog entry. As for Jullie, She is my polymate and she is also the "Matchmaker" to me and my Hubby, Kin Mun. I got to know Kin Mun through her. Although we dont always contact each other but still care for each other.

Not to sidetrack further, i shall continue the celebration. My guests like the coasters. I had a great chat with my guests of which some are extremely old friends. We knew each other for 18 years. Some of new found friend and Betsy is one of them.

At around 2pm, we cut the cake, Cayden seems to know that we are celebrating his birthday so he smile throughout during the cake cutting cum singing session. As my guest were very full with the food as beside the buffet, i also have savouries for them.

It is a simple affair but it is definitely day to remember as Cayden turns One Year Old!! I will continue to have more entries on his birthday but will take a bit of time to sort the photos out. Here is the photo of the handmade crochet coaster.

photo courtesy from Jullie's blog

If you like handmade stuff, can approach Jullie and Betsy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winter ??

Couldnt bring Cayden to Australia in June due to H1N1. It is winter in Australia during June to Aug so in the end i let him wear the winter clothes @ home to take photo. Here it is.

He looks so cute in them!! How nice if we took the photos with snow as the background!! Hope i can bring Cayden to see snow soon!!!

So Bored!!!

Cant use blogspot @ office.. So Sian!!! Everything in Office all blocked!! Youtube cannot!! facebook cannot!! multiply cannot!! Now even blogspot also can not!! FAINT!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Yesterday was the official opening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I went to watch it as the movie trailer makes me want to watch it on its official release. I seldom watch a newly release film on it official opening.
Actually my intention was to watch on Tuesday which was the sneak preview but it was fully booked.

If you had watched Transformer 1 previously and like the action aspects, this time round, you will get to see more of the action aspects with extra of laughter. The bumble bee was even cuter this time round. LOL

For me, i think is worth the money as i like action movies even though the actions were made by graphics.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cayden's Birthday Goodie Bag

Cayden is going to be one year old this coming august 09. So i started to source for items to be put inside the goodie bags for the kids (mostly relatives) who will be attending his birthday in Aug. I came across a crafter, Lis, who has her own online shop, SAPlanets. I saw her customised pins for the wedding favors so i decide to make customised pins for the kids.

I chose a few from her standard designs that she had and i add in words to it. These designs belong to SAplanets. It looks small over here so visit her website if you want to know more about the pins. If you want to have customised wedding favors, maybe you want to take look @ SAplanets too

design copyright from SAplanets

I already have the picture of the final product but i will shown in due course when i have all the items that are suppose to go into the goodie bag.

So Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My First Knitted Handphone Pouch

Here is my First Knitted Handphone Pouch!!!

Although it is not nicely knitted but i am very proud of myself that i am patient enough to complete this pouch!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Knitted Handphone Pouch

Yesterday, i finally finish my first knitted pouch!!! Few months back, i attended a workshop by Betsy, a crafter who has her online shop and blog. Click on the link for her online shop and blog.

Betsy Online Shop

Betsy Blog

Knitting was Greek to me. Betsy was very patient in teaching me the knitting skills. In my first lesson, i fumbled alot but Betsy helped me. I didnt went to my 2nd lesson until yesterday. I was @ Betsy's Studio for 2.5 hours to complete my handphone pouch. Betsy was so willingly to share her knitting skills to me.

There are still some yarns left, so i decided to do a coin pouch using the same skills that i learned in making of the HP pouch. I also told Betsy that i wish to do another project which is also @ a cost and she can quote you if you wish to have project/workshop with her. This project was something for Cayden as his birthday is in Aug 09. I will reveal when times to come.

Some of you may think that it is expensive to attend workshop/ do project like this as there are always free courses available @ shops that sells yarns.

However, @ those shops, they dont teach you how to read the patterns, the different stitches, etc.. Instead they just tell you what to do and end of the day, you get the final product but are you able to reproduce another one?? NO!!!

So attending workshops/ do project, will help you to learn the skills properly and able to know how to read patterns. It is a knowledge and you are able to reproduce it @ your own. Isn't better this way.

For those who wish to learn knitting or crochet, do visit betsy website/blog to check it out.

I will upload my pouch soon!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping Spree

Last weekend, went shopping wz my mum and sisters. The initial motive was to meet up my brother @ vivocity as his in laws is in Singapore and he wanted to bring them to vivocity to shop. Late minute, he couldnt make it and we still decided to go ahead with the plan to do shopping @ vivocity.

First stop were shops for kids as now, my son, Cayden will have the first priority in getting new stuff. Initially, wish to get a sandal for him @ Colette but my mum told me that my aunt already got him a pair.

After that, my youngest sister want to go to addias as she want to get a sling bag which she had been eyeing for a long time. While walking to addias, we came across a shop having sale. The shop is Clubmarc. Some people may not know what brand it is, but i knew about it. It is a new york brand. More details can be found here. It used to be a quite expensive but that day, it was a great buy and some of the items i bought @ the shop can be found on the website but not sure will it be on the online shop (which started on May 09). After looking through the website, I can safety said that our buys were GREAT buy!!! Woohoo!!

Here are some of the Great buys..(The photos are the copyright of Clubmarc). My mum also bought a White Capri pants and she also mentioned that it definitely a great buy. Seeing is believing so do drop by to Clubmarc if you wish to have great buy. There are quite a few Clubmarc in Singapore. Go to the website to know more of the locations.

Shimmer Wrinkle Free Jacket

Shimmer Tube Top

Double Breast Demin Jacket

Long sleeve Top

Wrinkle Free Pants

We shopped @ Clubmarc for nearly two hours before processing to addias. Although it is two hours later for my youngest sister but she was more than happy to do so as she was the one benefited the most in Club Marc. She bought 2 pairs of shoes, 1 Capri pants, 1 T-shirt and 1 Jacket.

When in Addias shop, my youngest sister decided on a light turquiose sling bag. At the same time, i saw a bag, looks quite nice.. (Purple colour) but i find it expensive. When my youngest sister saw it, and said "Since your birthday is coming soon, Little Sister (my another sister) and me will get it for you as birthday present." I was still hesitiating as i still think it was expensive. But my mum said "Since they were getting for you as a present, get it then." So ultimately, it is my birthday present!!!

After that, we went for our dinner @ Asian Kitchen. Fried rice, side dishes like pork chop and the ramen were nice but one of the dessert, banana dessert was not to our taste.

After that, we went back home. It was definitely a good shopping spree!!!

Exams Over

Finally, i had finished my exams!!! Now is waiting for results.. I just hope that i am able to clear all of them and graduate smoothly.. God please be merciful.. Let me pass all of them....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exams In One Month's time

Stress!!!!! I need work extra extra hard to prepare for my exams in Mid April. Stress!!! Help!!!

I am so stress out as it is a do or die situation as i am in my final semester!!!

Help!!!!Help!!!!I am so Stress out!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pic of the Week

Last week, i submit Cayden's photo to join "Pic of the week" by Mumcentre.I had asked my family, friends and colleagues to vote for him. Voting started last monday after 2pm and ends today which is 23rd Feb, 10am. At 2pm, i got to know that Cayden came out TOP in the baby section under the voter pic of the week. There are two more categories which are Editor and Lucky Pic of the week.

Now Cayden make it to the top, he is entitle for a chance to win a full board package to Riders Lodge end of the March 09. ( I also dont know where is this place) After all the voting, i only get a chance to win only. Some of my friends say "Huh, only a chance ah" but some wish me luck to win the grad prize. I hope to win the prize too...Nevertheless, i still want to thank my family, friends and colleagues in voting Cayden. Without all of you, i couldnt even get a chance to win!!

Here is the link to the results

Cayden is under the baby section..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cayden First Visit to Ipoh III

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, nothing much was done. Just so TV watching and Cayden was playing happily on the mattress. We had small BBQ again in the night time. Cayden slept early that day.

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year, my 1st and 3rd Bil are going back. 1st Bil back to Singapore and 3rd Bil going to his in-law's place in malacca. My mil followed my 1st Bil back to Singapore so the house left us and Auntie Ruth and my Fil. We are returning to Singapore on Friday which is the nex day.

We had a simple lunch and i did packing of the luggage. Dinner time, we went to first auntie's house which was 3 streets away. She cooked some simple fare like fish, soup, sausages and vegetables etc but they were all nice . Like the fish and the chinese sausages best. Ate the most on these two dishes.

After that, Cayden was playing awhile before returning home for his feed. After his feed, he slept. Next day, was the day to return to Singapore. Auntie Ruth sent us to KLIA. Kin Mun also helped to drive. The road trip was about 3 hours and Cayden slept for 2 hours.

Upon arriving the airport, we did our check in and we proceed for our lunch. Had macdonalds, it was much expensive than those in the town. After i finished, i brought Cayden around and realised that the flight will be delayed for 1 hour 15 minutes. Darn!! Going to waste time in KLIA. Really unhappy about it cause never expect to have delay by Malaysia Airlines. Reach Singapore 6plus and had dinner with my mum and Sister at Airport as they came to see Cayden. It had been a week since they last seen him.

On the whole, the trip back to Ipoh was ok and Cayden didnt fuss alot.

Cayden First Visit to Ipoh II

On the First day of the Chinese New year, Cayden woke up early. Not sure if he knew that it was chinese new year or he really just wanna to wake up. I bathe him and changed him with new clothes which was extremely suitable for chinese new year. It was hot but he looks cute in them. In Ipoh, we did very traditional stuff during chinese year. The younger generation were to greet the older generation with tea together with auspicious greetings. After that, we took photos before offer blessing to Grandma who was staying next door. In here, it is even more tradition. It is also by generation but this time round, there was a tray of nuts and sweets for Grandma to pick. Whatever she picked, it is the blessing that she wanted to give to you.

After all greetings, we proceed for our lunch. It is a vegeterian meal. The taste was not to my liking. I still preferred my mum's vegetrian food during chinese new year. After lunch, i played with Cayden for a while before putting him to sleep. Cayden had been a good boy in Ipoh. He always will sleep after feed and play. Everyone was curious why he keep on sleeping. I reckon that maybe the weather was hot. It was even hotter than in Singapore.

On the 2nd day of chinese new year, we went for house visiting. Cayden was always looking at the surroundings, trying to figure out where was the place. In Ipoh, most of the house were terrace houses while in Singapore, mostly are High Rising Building so Cayden were curious. he had been a curious boy all along.

We went to a few relatives' houses but we didnt stay for long. I had never expect the stay was so short. Some was only like 10 minutes. The longest one was about half an hour as it was raining outside. After that we went for dinner with 5th uncle and his family who just returned from KL. The food was very big portion and some were not nice. The worst one was a dish with duck and lotus. The portion was like for 20 people and the look was very black. I didnt even want to try it. After that, dessert was given. 5th uncle also celebrating his grandson's 2 years old birthday. The cake taste like normal butter cake but the design was nice. It was a golf course design.

After that, we proceed to 5th uncle house which was nearby for gathering. Cayden was fussy there. Took a long time to pacify him and to get him to sleep. He slept eventually after half hour of screaming and crying and me singing to him. Took him home when he fell asleep. i was tired too so i soon fell asleep after my bath.

Cayden First Visit to Ipoh I

We arrived Ipoh at around 2pm on friday. We have a short rest before going for late lunch. Cayden seems to be coping with in a new environment. No fuss from him. After lunch, nothing much was done as everyone was tired after the ride. Cleaning was made to the house as the chinese new year is just 3 days away.

All i did was to take care of Cayden. He is behaving himself. Play, rest, eat and sleep. Everything goes well on the first day. On the 2nd day, went to Jusco to do some shopping, basically groceries for the upcoming new year. Bought food for BBQ in the night. On the same day, we also celebrated Auntie Ruth's Birthday which supposed to be on Friday but we celebrate on Saturday as there are more people around. We have cake, chocolate fondue, homecook food and BBQ food. Quite enjoyable.

On Sunday, which is chinese new year eve, we went out to a resturant for reunion dinner. We were there at 8pm and total of 2 tables. It was a long wait. Cayden had his milk and i pat him to sleep. At about 9plus, Cayden woke up and we still at the 3rd dish of our reunion dinner. It was so slow that i was not hungry anymore. When it was about 10pm, the dishes came out so quickly that you didnt have time to finish the dishes. We reached home at around 11pm and everyone was tired so went to bed soon to get ready for the Chinese New Year the next day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cayden Plane Trip to KL

Cayden was an obedient boy as he didnt cry when on board the plane to KL from Singapore. I already told him to sleep when he on board the plane the day before. He only whine a little when the airplane start to take off and he fell asleep throughout the journey and only wake up when we were at the KL immigration. Upon arrival to KL, my 3rd bil fetch us from airport. It was about 25 minutes to reach his home.

We rest for a while before going out for lunch with my 1st bil as he and his family together with my mil will be arriving KL during lunch time too. As i was kind of hungry so i have a macdonalds value meal shared with Kin Mun and 3rd bil. It cost RM 9.35 and it was expensive as in dollar to dollar spending. If convert to SGD.. then it is cheaper as compare. For Malaysian, it definitely expensive.

My 1st bil arrived around 1pm and we have our lunch at a chinese resturant. The food was so-so only and it cost RM 123 for 6 adults and 2 kids and my 3rd bil paid for it. After that, we took a walk in the shopping centre before returning to his home. At night, we went to Sunway pyramid for dinner. We ate at a Shanghainese resturant. I had pork rice and the rest have ramen. We also had xiao long bao and a side dish. The food is not bad and of course the bil also not cheap. It cost RM 209 and my 1st bil pay for it. Cayden cried loudly when we are about to finish our food. So i need to pacify him with milk and patting him to sleep again.

After that, we went back home. The next morning, we are going back to Ipoh. Before that, we have Dim Sum for Breakfast before the road trip to Ipoh started. The Dim sum was nice and we have a variety of food and it only cost RM118 which is paid by Kin Mun. It was a nice breakfast. We start our trip at around 11 plus and reach Ipoh at around 2 plus as we have a toilet stop in between.

KL trip come to end when we reach Ipoh..Didnt get to shop in KL as the stay is too short. Should have stay for another day since my 3rd bil is returning to Ipoh on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st Plane Trip for Cayden

Since Chinese new year is coming, Kin Mun will be going back to Ipoh for reunion. This year, it is the first time that Cayden is going to Ipoh too. Since he is still young, we have no choice but to book flight to Kuala Lumper and ask his 3rd brother to drive us back to Ipoh which is about 2 hrs ride. It is also the first time that Cayden traveling on Plane. I just hope that Cayden is not fussy on the plane and Kin Mun's home in Ipoh. We will be in Ipoh for 1 week. It has been awhile since i last went to Ipoh.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping Spree

Last weekend, my family went for shopping at Great World City. First stop was at Dorothy Perkins. My sil bought 2 maternity jeans and 1 top at a discounted price. Normally a maternity jeans cost about $59 to $89 but she bought the jeans @ $29 and $19 each. I also bought an offer jeans @ $29. We also recieved limited zodiac ang pow as we used the OCBC credit card.

Next stop we went to G2000. The initial intention was to pay for the reserved pants meant for my sister and my mum. In the end, my brother, my sil and myself bought some clothes too. My brother bought a pants, my sil bought a top and i got a shirt and pants for Kin Mun. When are are about to pay, my sister saw a dress which she liked so we waited for her to try and it was purchased too. Some items are 2nd pc @ 50% off. On top of that, if we use amercian express, a further 15% will be given. My brother had the card and we had a huge savings to our purchase.

After that, we went to Esprit and Hush puppies but didnt make any purchase. Next, went to Aussino to buy bedsheets for Cayden. Then we return home for our dinner before going to Mothercare at Harbourfront centre.

Managed to buy some of the items listed in my shopping list. It includes teats for 6 months old, training cup handles, stroller bag and toothbrush. The main item that i wish to get was a sling carrier which allows babies to sit or cradle inside but was Out of Stock. I leave my contact number to the shop so that they can inform me when stock arrived. After that, we bought supper from superdog for takeaway.

On the whole, it was a great shopping day.

Poor Cayden

When i was at Furama Riverfront for my meeting and having my lunch, i recieved a call from my mum that Cayden fell off from the sarong while sleeping. This is the first time he fell down. I told my mum to bring him to see doctor and i will meet them there. My mum kept blaming herself but i told her it is ok. There was no way to avoid it as we wont expect him to fell off from sleeping.

When i was on the way to the clinic, i was being informed by my sister that the clinic is closed. So we decided to bring Cayden to The Kids' Clinic in Rivervale Mall (Sengkang). I quickly gave a call to the clinic and was being informed that queue number had stopped but i told the nurse that Cayden fell down so that told me to come to the clinic now and will slot him in.

My brother drove us there in his weekend car and we almost lost our way as this was the first time my brother driving his car to Sengkang. Finally we reached the clinic at around 1 plus. I was in the queue. Normally, we need to wait for at least 1.5 hr as most of the babies are on appointments so walk in patients need to wait longer. That day, we were lucky. Half an hour, Cayden got to see Dr Lilian Lim. I told her what happened. She gave Cayden a throughly check and everything was fine. She told me to monitor Cayden for the next 48 hours, just in case.

It was a relieved that Cayden is ok. At least the doctor already checked him so we can be more assured.

Offsite SHE Meeting

On 17th Jan 09, my company offsite SHE meeting was held in Furama Riverfront. This event is for SHE personnels, Site in charge and higher management. I was invited because i was a committee member of Workplace Health promotion which is part of the SHE. We are supposed to arrive at between 8 to 8.30am. Those arrive early had the breakfast provided. The event started at around 8.45am.

Ice breaking game was introduced. It is just an simple game where we are being arranged by numbers and introduce ourselves. That all. After that chairman gave an opening speech and then recognition award was given out. I was one of the recipient. The award has a silver star on it. Quite nice looking.

After that, we have tea break. samosa and nonya kuehs are provided. The samosa were nice. The meeting continue after the break and it ended at 11.45am. Buffet lunch was provided. I didnt eat alot although some of the dishes were nice. I need to rush to somewhere last minute.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cayden Traveling

Although we don't own a car, but we like to bring Cayden out. The form of transport are bus and MRT. When we are traveling, we will play with him to keep he occupied and at the same time taking his photos.. Here are some of the photos taken.

Traveling in Bus

Traveling in MRT

2nd dose of 5 In 1

Brought Cayden for his second jab of 5 in 1 on the 3rd Jan 09. he had grow bigger. Right now, he weighs 7.5kg, 66cm tall. Just one month, he put on 1kg and become taller by 4cm. He only took formula milk and aready growing so fast. The nurse said that he is under the "Large Babies" catagory.

Besides the basic meaurements, he also being check on his head lag. This time round, the doctor pass him as he is able to hold his head and not lagging anymore. After the check, he was given the jab. He cried for a few seconds and he stopped. He is indeed a brave boy.

After that, we went for our breakfast while he have his formula. When we reached home, he fall asleep real fast. This time round, no fever but he was crying at night. He cried for very long time until he was asleep. Dont know what cause the crying but all i know is that when he cry dont let him drink although he stopped crying. He will vomit out the milk he drank.

Next morning, he is back to normal. So i think maybe is the pain he have on the jab that cause him to cry. I will get him mentally prepare for the next jab.