Friday, February 1, 2008


OMG!!!! It is February 08 . Chinese New Year is round the corner. How time flies. Scary!!!
Why do the time flies so fast?

I felt that i have not achieve much yet and i am into Year 2008 just like that. Although i am moving towards my goals but it seems to be proceeding too slow.

Below are my goals.

1. Degree. ( Will be getting it soon if everything goes well this year.)
2. Travel to Australia - Brisbane (Plan it to be in Yr 08)
3. Earn alot of Money (Still working hard)
4. Own a car (To expensive to own now as ERP, Petrol going going UP)
5. Own a Childcare Centre (Still a long way to go as i need to achieve goal no 3 first)
6. Get a Driving License (This is the only one that i have achieve so far)

So when can i achieve all my goals?????

God, Please grant my wish.. Maybe can let me Win TOTO or BIG SWEEP. LOL