Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mid of the Week

Finally, Wednesday is here, which means the weekend is round the corner.. Horray. I have been waiting for the weekend to come as i need more sleep and i have a few tasks to complete.

First in the list to complete this weekend is to revise my subject as i have a CA coming soon. Need to do well in this CA so that i will not feel so pressurize during exams.

Next in the list is to attend a Chocolate Molding class. Can't wait to attend this lesson as i am a chocolate lover and i can make my own chocolate whenever i like after that. Hopes that the lesson turns out well and i am able to taste different chocolates. LOL

There are many other tasks to complete but i am not going to write it here, if not this blog will be super long. I have so many things to do but i will make sure i have enough SLEEP!!!. This is super important for this coming weekend.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rest In Peace

While listening to my radio yesterday, i received a shocking news from Taiwan. A taiwan actress, Ms. Xu Wei Lun had passed away on Sunday evening. When i heard this news, I was like"Huh.. sure or not or just a hoax". I searched her name on the internet and found that she had an accident on the Taichung stretch of Taiwan's National Highway No.1 on Jan 26. She is in coma and her life had come into an end on Jan 28 at 7.37pm

Although i am not a fan of hers, i still feel sad and my heart sunken to hear her death news as she is still young (only 28 as her birthday is in November) and have a bright future ahead.

I didnt have a full report on how the accident happen, what cause the accident to happen so if anyone of you have a full report, do let me know.

It is rumoured that her assistant is on the wheels but she is not critical injured, instead is Xu Weilun who is in critical condition. How Xu Weilun got injured? Was she on the front seat or she is on the back passenger seat??

All these will only be cleared after the assistant recovered from her shock and tells the media. Heard that she is still in the state of shock.

It is a tragic accident and those who is alive especially her assistant after the accident will be badly affected.

So people out there, Please TREASURE what you have now, do not take things for granted.

For people who drives, please drive with care, think of your families and friends before you do reckless stuff and prevention is better than cure.


Always Tired

Monday is over but it is a tiring day for me.

After work, i went for my part time class in NTU. It is about Human Resource Management. The topic touch on is on brain. It is a interesting topic and the lecturer foresee that women will be stronger than men in no time. (I support him all the way..Woman's Power on the track.. Horray)

Lecturer also said that he admired Empress Wu Zetian as she is the only woman emperor in 157 years of ruling of China. Personally, I feel that she is really a powerful and aggressive Empress in the Chinese legend.

Besides her, there is an emperor who i think is a also aggressive, he is Qin Shi Huang. No doubt he do many evil things but because of him, The Great Wall of China is built and it is one of the seven wonder of the world.

No doubt this lecture is interesting, i still fell asleep in lecture as i am too tired. Dont know what had happened to my body system, i am always tired even if i have enough sleep.

When i reached home after class, i had my bath and watch my recorded TV series in fast forward manner as i want to finish it soon and go to bed.

I fall asleep pretty soon once i was on my bed. Too tired that no dreams was made.. Hopefully i am able to have sweet dreams tonight.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Andy Lau's Movie

Recently, i walk past golden village and saw a movie poster and my favourite Idol, Andy Lau is in it. The movie name is known as "Protege"

The story revolves around drug trafficking with Andy Lau as the major heroin dealer, grooming his successor, Daniel Wu, to take over the business.

For those who like Andy Lau, you may want to mark 15th February on your calender to watch this show. I will mark my calender.

Official Website:

Beginning of the week

Today is monday.. yet another boring day.. argh....y are mondays so boring??? it is becos we need to work till 6pm or it is becos we had played too much during the weekends??

I am always so tired every monday. How to be really alive every day.. especially Monday..

Anyone have great ideas???

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Nephew's Full Month Celebration

My second nephew just celebrate his full month last night. It is more of family affair rather a big celebration as compare to his elder brother two years ago.

At 7.30pm, we have arrived at Ang Mo Kio to have the our dinner. It is a famous seafood stall. it is known as Mellban Seafood. Its signature dish is "Bee Hoon Crab", which my brother in law definitely order it for all three tables. My bro in law ordered another 7 dishes which seems to be too much but we did finish them all.

We are so full and wanted to leave but sis in law bring out a chocolate cake which most of us are too full to eat. but as i am a chocolate lover, i still stuff myself with the cake and it is so delicious.. Yummy Yummy.. Everyone saw my expression after i had eaten the cake, they decided to eat the cake too.. They make the right choice.. hehehe.. if not i will have my cake all to myself.

It is a simple family affair but it is a enjoyable night for everyone..

Friday, January 26, 2007


Brad Pitt's new movie is in the town. It is known as Babel..I have not watch the movie yet but for those who like Brad Pitt may want to watch it. Below is the storyline of the show to help you to decide whether to watch or not.

In the remote sands of the Moroccan desert, a rifle shot rings out--detonating a chain of events that will link an American tourist couple's frantic struggle to survive, two Moroccan boys involved in an accidental crime, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children and a Japanese teen rebel whose father is sought by the police in Tokyo. Separated by clashing cultures and sprawling distances, each of these four disparate groups of people are nevertheless hurtling towards a shared destiny of isolation and grief.

Official Website:

Happy Chinese Year

Hi everybody~~~

I am still new in blogging. From today onwards, i will share my thoughts on this website. For this first entry, i wil keep everything short so wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile take care.

That's all folks...