Monday, February 23, 2009

Pic of the Week

Last week, i submit Cayden's photo to join "Pic of the week" by Mumcentre.I had asked my family, friends and colleagues to vote for him. Voting started last monday after 2pm and ends today which is 23rd Feb, 10am. At 2pm, i got to know that Cayden came out TOP in the baby section under the voter pic of the week. There are two more categories which are Editor and Lucky Pic of the week.

Now Cayden make it to the top, he is entitle for a chance to win a full board package to Riders Lodge end of the March 09. ( I also dont know where is this place) After all the voting, i only get a chance to win only. Some of my friends say "Huh, only a chance ah" but some wish me luck to win the grad prize. I hope to win the prize too...Nevertheless, i still want to thank my family, friends and colleagues in voting Cayden. Without all of you, i couldnt even get a chance to win!!

Here is the link to the results

Cayden is under the baby section..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cayden First Visit to Ipoh III

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, nothing much was done. Just so TV watching and Cayden was playing happily on the mattress. We had small BBQ again in the night time. Cayden slept early that day.

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year, my 1st and 3rd Bil are going back. 1st Bil back to Singapore and 3rd Bil going to his in-law's place in malacca. My mil followed my 1st Bil back to Singapore so the house left us and Auntie Ruth and my Fil. We are returning to Singapore on Friday which is the nex day.

We had a simple lunch and i did packing of the luggage. Dinner time, we went to first auntie's house which was 3 streets away. She cooked some simple fare like fish, soup, sausages and vegetables etc but they were all nice . Like the fish and the chinese sausages best. Ate the most on these two dishes.

After that, Cayden was playing awhile before returning home for his feed. After his feed, he slept. Next day, was the day to return to Singapore. Auntie Ruth sent us to KLIA. Kin Mun also helped to drive. The road trip was about 3 hours and Cayden slept for 2 hours.

Upon arriving the airport, we did our check in and we proceed for our lunch. Had macdonalds, it was much expensive than those in the town. After i finished, i brought Cayden around and realised that the flight will be delayed for 1 hour 15 minutes. Darn!! Going to waste time in KLIA. Really unhappy about it cause never expect to have delay by Malaysia Airlines. Reach Singapore 6plus and had dinner with my mum and Sister at Airport as they came to see Cayden. It had been a week since they last seen him.

On the whole, the trip back to Ipoh was ok and Cayden didnt fuss alot.

Cayden First Visit to Ipoh II

On the First day of the Chinese New year, Cayden woke up early. Not sure if he knew that it was chinese new year or he really just wanna to wake up. I bathe him and changed him with new clothes which was extremely suitable for chinese new year. It was hot but he looks cute in them. In Ipoh, we did very traditional stuff during chinese year. The younger generation were to greet the older generation with tea together with auspicious greetings. After that, we took photos before offer blessing to Grandma who was staying next door. In here, it is even more tradition. It is also by generation but this time round, there was a tray of nuts and sweets for Grandma to pick. Whatever she picked, it is the blessing that she wanted to give to you.

After all greetings, we proceed for our lunch. It is a vegeterian meal. The taste was not to my liking. I still preferred my mum's vegetrian food during chinese new year. After lunch, i played with Cayden for a while before putting him to sleep. Cayden had been a good boy in Ipoh. He always will sleep after feed and play. Everyone was curious why he keep on sleeping. I reckon that maybe the weather was hot. It was even hotter than in Singapore.

On the 2nd day of chinese new year, we went for house visiting. Cayden was always looking at the surroundings, trying to figure out where was the place. In Ipoh, most of the house were terrace houses while in Singapore, mostly are High Rising Building so Cayden were curious. he had been a curious boy all along.

We went to a few relatives' houses but we didnt stay for long. I had never expect the stay was so short. Some was only like 10 minutes. The longest one was about half an hour as it was raining outside. After that we went for dinner with 5th uncle and his family who just returned from KL. The food was very big portion and some were not nice. The worst one was a dish with duck and lotus. The portion was like for 20 people and the look was very black. I didnt even want to try it. After that, dessert was given. 5th uncle also celebrating his grandson's 2 years old birthday. The cake taste like normal butter cake but the design was nice. It was a golf course design.

After that, we proceed to 5th uncle house which was nearby for gathering. Cayden was fussy there. Took a long time to pacify him and to get him to sleep. He slept eventually after half hour of screaming and crying and me singing to him. Took him home when he fell asleep. i was tired too so i soon fell asleep after my bath.

Cayden First Visit to Ipoh I

We arrived Ipoh at around 2pm on friday. We have a short rest before going for late lunch. Cayden seems to be coping with in a new environment. No fuss from him. After lunch, nothing much was done as everyone was tired after the ride. Cleaning was made to the house as the chinese new year is just 3 days away.

All i did was to take care of Cayden. He is behaving himself. Play, rest, eat and sleep. Everything goes well on the first day. On the 2nd day, went to Jusco to do some shopping, basically groceries for the upcoming new year. Bought food for BBQ in the night. On the same day, we also celebrated Auntie Ruth's Birthday which supposed to be on Friday but we celebrate on Saturday as there are more people around. We have cake, chocolate fondue, homecook food and BBQ food. Quite enjoyable.

On Sunday, which is chinese new year eve, we went out to a resturant for reunion dinner. We were there at 8pm and total of 2 tables. It was a long wait. Cayden had his milk and i pat him to sleep. At about 9plus, Cayden woke up and we still at the 3rd dish of our reunion dinner. It was so slow that i was not hungry anymore. When it was about 10pm, the dishes came out so quickly that you didnt have time to finish the dishes. We reached home at around 11pm and everyone was tired so went to bed soon to get ready for the Chinese New Year the next day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cayden Plane Trip to KL

Cayden was an obedient boy as he didnt cry when on board the plane to KL from Singapore. I already told him to sleep when he on board the plane the day before. He only whine a little when the airplane start to take off and he fell asleep throughout the journey and only wake up when we were at the KL immigration. Upon arrival to KL, my 3rd bil fetch us from airport. It was about 25 minutes to reach his home.

We rest for a while before going out for lunch with my 1st bil as he and his family together with my mil will be arriving KL during lunch time too. As i was kind of hungry so i have a macdonalds value meal shared with Kin Mun and 3rd bil. It cost RM 9.35 and it was expensive as in dollar to dollar spending. If convert to SGD.. then it is cheaper as compare. For Malaysian, it definitely expensive.

My 1st bil arrived around 1pm and we have our lunch at a chinese resturant. The food was so-so only and it cost RM 123 for 6 adults and 2 kids and my 3rd bil paid for it. After that, we took a walk in the shopping centre before returning to his home. At night, we went to Sunway pyramid for dinner. We ate at a Shanghainese resturant. I had pork rice and the rest have ramen. We also had xiao long bao and a side dish. The food is not bad and of course the bil also not cheap. It cost RM 209 and my 1st bil pay for it. Cayden cried loudly when we are about to finish our food. So i need to pacify him with milk and patting him to sleep again.

After that, we went back home. The next morning, we are going back to Ipoh. Before that, we have Dim Sum for Breakfast before the road trip to Ipoh started. The Dim sum was nice and we have a variety of food and it only cost RM118 which is paid by Kin Mun. It was a nice breakfast. We start our trip at around 11 plus and reach Ipoh at around 2 plus as we have a toilet stop in between.

KL trip come to end when we reach Ipoh..Didnt get to shop in KL as the stay is too short. Should have stay for another day since my 3rd bil is returning to Ipoh on Saturday.