Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st Plane Trip for Cayden

Since Chinese new year is coming, Kin Mun will be going back to Ipoh for reunion. This year, it is the first time that Cayden is going to Ipoh too. Since he is still young, we have no choice but to book flight to Kuala Lumper and ask his 3rd brother to drive us back to Ipoh which is about 2 hrs ride. It is also the first time that Cayden traveling on Plane. I just hope that Cayden is not fussy on the plane and Kin Mun's home in Ipoh. We will be in Ipoh for 1 week. It has been awhile since i last went to Ipoh.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping Spree

Last weekend, my family went for shopping at Great World City. First stop was at Dorothy Perkins. My sil bought 2 maternity jeans and 1 top at a discounted price. Normally a maternity jeans cost about $59 to $89 but she bought the jeans @ $29 and $19 each. I also bought an offer jeans @ $29. We also recieved limited zodiac ang pow as we used the OCBC credit card.

Next stop we went to G2000. The initial intention was to pay for the reserved pants meant for my sister and my mum. In the end, my brother, my sil and myself bought some clothes too. My brother bought a pants, my sil bought a top and i got a shirt and pants for Kin Mun. When are are about to pay, my sister saw a dress which she liked so we waited for her to try and it was purchased too. Some items are 2nd pc @ 50% off. On top of that, if we use amercian express, a further 15% will be given. My brother had the card and we had a huge savings to our purchase.

After that, we went to Esprit and Hush puppies but didnt make any purchase. Next, went to Aussino to buy bedsheets for Cayden. Then we return home for our dinner before going to Mothercare at Harbourfront centre.

Managed to buy some of the items listed in my shopping list. It includes teats for 6 months old, training cup handles, stroller bag and toothbrush. The main item that i wish to get was a sling carrier which allows babies to sit or cradle inside but was Out of Stock. I leave my contact number to the shop so that they can inform me when stock arrived. After that, we bought supper from superdog for takeaway.

On the whole, it was a great shopping day.

Poor Cayden

When i was at Furama Riverfront for my meeting and having my lunch, i recieved a call from my mum that Cayden fell off from the sarong while sleeping. This is the first time he fell down. I told my mum to bring him to see doctor and i will meet them there. My mum kept blaming herself but i told her it is ok. There was no way to avoid it as we wont expect him to fell off from sleeping.

When i was on the way to the clinic, i was being informed by my sister that the clinic is closed. So we decided to bring Cayden to The Kids' Clinic in Rivervale Mall (Sengkang). I quickly gave a call to the clinic and was being informed that queue number had stopped but i told the nurse that Cayden fell down so that told me to come to the clinic now and will slot him in.

My brother drove us there in his weekend car and we almost lost our way as this was the first time my brother driving his car to Sengkang. Finally we reached the clinic at around 1 plus. I was in the queue. Normally, we need to wait for at least 1.5 hr as most of the babies are on appointments so walk in patients need to wait longer. That day, we were lucky. Half an hour, Cayden got to see Dr Lilian Lim. I told her what happened. She gave Cayden a throughly check and everything was fine. She told me to monitor Cayden for the next 48 hours, just in case.

It was a relieved that Cayden is ok. At least the doctor already checked him so we can be more assured.

Offsite SHE Meeting

On 17th Jan 09, my company offsite SHE meeting was held in Furama Riverfront. This event is for SHE personnels, Site in charge and higher management. I was invited because i was a committee member of Workplace Health promotion which is part of the SHE. We are supposed to arrive at between 8 to 8.30am. Those arrive early had the breakfast provided. The event started at around 8.45am.

Ice breaking game was introduced. It is just an simple game where we are being arranged by numbers and introduce ourselves. That all. After that chairman gave an opening speech and then recognition award was given out. I was one of the recipient. The award has a silver star on it. Quite nice looking.

After that, we have tea break. samosa and nonya kuehs are provided. The samosa were nice. The meeting continue after the break and it ended at 11.45am. Buffet lunch was provided. I didnt eat alot although some of the dishes were nice. I need to rush to somewhere last minute.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cayden Traveling

Although we don't own a car, but we like to bring Cayden out. The form of transport are bus and MRT. When we are traveling, we will play with him to keep he occupied and at the same time taking his photos.. Here are some of the photos taken.

Traveling in Bus

Traveling in MRT

2nd dose of 5 In 1

Brought Cayden for his second jab of 5 in 1 on the 3rd Jan 09. he had grow bigger. Right now, he weighs 7.5kg, 66cm tall. Just one month, he put on 1kg and become taller by 4cm. He only took formula milk and aready growing so fast. The nurse said that he is under the "Large Babies" catagory.

Besides the basic meaurements, he also being check on his head lag. This time round, the doctor pass him as he is able to hold his head and not lagging anymore. After the check, he was given the jab. He cried for a few seconds and he stopped. He is indeed a brave boy.

After that, we went for our breakfast while he have his formula. When we reached home, he fall asleep real fast. This time round, no fever but he was crying at night. He cried for very long time until he was asleep. Dont know what cause the crying but all i know is that when he cry dont let him drink although he stopped crying. He will vomit out the milk he drank.

Next morning, he is back to normal. So i think maybe is the pain he have on the jab that cause him to cry. I will get him mentally prepare for the next jab.