Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KungFu Panda

If you need a good laugh, watch KUNGFU PANDA !!!!

Just watched this animated show, it was so hilarious!! Where there is a hilarious scene, the cinema is fill with loud laughter. The main character is PO, a big fat clumsy panda. He dreamed of being a Kungfu expert. He is the son of a goose. Yes Goose is his dad, you didnt read wrongly nor did i write wrongly. This is the only mystery which was not explained but who cares since it is such a hilarious show.

His family opened a noodle house and his dad always want him to be the successor. This is not the main focus of the show, instead his learning process of Kungfu is. Why was he learning Kungfu?? You must watch the show to know why as i am not going to write it here. If not, it will be meaningless to watch it.

So if you need to destress, watch it. Although there isn't any fantastic plot behind, but it is definitely a movie that you should watch. This animated movie is No.1 in US. So if you want to watch it, buy your tickets early. I watched it during weekday, and it is full house. So if you want to watch during weekend, do remember to buy the tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mid of the Year

Wow..It is June now.. How time has flies.. With a blink of eye, five months had passed for year 2008. In a few more days, it is my birthday and i am older by a year. Alas!!!! Not getting younger anymore.

My sch term will start in Aug but now i still need to do my final year project. So sian.. Cant enjoy my school holidays. Going to school next tuesday to do experiments. Have to keep going to school to do experiments before i proceed to write my draft report for review. Once my draft report is reviewed by my Prof, all i need to do is to make the neccessary changes and firm it as my final report. Once final report is done, i can start to prepare for presentation. at the same time, i have a few more subjects to complete before i graduate. Hope i can do well.This is what i hope for. If it doesnt run smoothly like what i expected, then i will run into problems.