Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Frequent Asked Questions

After my return to Singapore, there are three questions that are frequent ask by my friends and relatives.

Question 1
How is your trip to New Zealand?

Question 2
What had happened to your face, black patches around mouth area?

Question 3
When going to have baby, Any Plans?

It is a breeze answering question 1 and 2 but i really dont know how to answer question 3 as i do not have answer to it.

My answer for Question 1
New Zealand is a beautiful place. If you like nature, you will definitely like New Zealand. Must go if never being there before.

My answer for Question 2
As New Zealand is very cold and i have dry and sensitive skin, that why i have patches near to my mouth. It will take about 1 - 2 weeks to be back to normal.

My answer for Question 3
I will hesitate for a while before saying "No plans yet". Then another question will popped in "Why Not" and i have no answer to it. The reason i hesitated as i know that no matter what answer i gave, there bound to be a second question so i hope that by hesitating will help to solve my problem in not answering with satisfying answer.

Pregnancy seems to be a distant journey for me as i dont foreseen myself getting pregnant. LOL. I believe in "Let nature runs it course", "If it is meant to be, will be" & "Child is a god's gift". When God thinks that it is time for me to get pregnant, it will be. There is Chinese saying"Shi Ni De, Jiu Shi Ni De".

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 10 Mt Cook & Lake Tekepo

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Day 10

Upon arrival of the visitor centre of Mt Cook Village, we looked around the visitor centre to see what we can do at this place. We decided to do trekking to KEA point. In this area you are able to see Mt Cook clearly and other mountains.

The trekking took about 2 hours (to and fro). On the way of the trekking, the surrounding environment was so beautiful and there are snow frost lying around on the ground. It was a relaxing trek. Upon reaching KEA Point, we sit at the bench to have our lunch. It is was so relaxing with mountains surrounding you. This cant be done in Singapore.

On our way back to the visitor centre, we met an artist. We chat for a while He has been drawing for 35 years and he stay at the West Coast of New Zealand. He used to be a national park ranger but because of his passion to drawing, he decided to give up his job and became an artist. He never regretted his decision and he was extremely happy he made this decision.

He told us we need to do something we are passion about, rather than forcing ourselves to do something we dont like. I agreed with him but in reality, it is difficult to fulfill this. I hope i can be like him one day.

On the way to Lake Tekapo, we went to a salmon farm. We fed the salmon and they are so excited with the food. We had raw salmon at the farm and it is worth the $ spent. The raw salmon were so fresh. Thumbs up.

Do a little shopping at Lake Tekapo. Bought shoes for my mum and myself. Furry shoes. Can keep my legs warm.

At night, we went to Mt John for a star observatory. It was a clear sky and we are able to see the stars clearly. The guide is from Finland and she explained in details. Thumbs up for her.
We even get to use the telescope to view stars such as Jupiter. It is really a good experience although it is extremely cold. We wore alot of clothes to keep warm.

Next Stop - Christchurch & Kaikoura.

A Glance of my weekend.

Last Saturday, i went to The Picturehouse for my body massage to relax my body. After one hour, i felt so relax. After that, i headed back to my mum's place to rest and to use the internet. I was trying to upload my wedding photos at my mulitply but it took ages.. In the end i gave up.

In the evening, my husband and myself went to his brother's house for dinner with his mum. I also distribute the gifts i got for them. I had forgotten to bring my sister in law's gift. Went home at around 11pm. As we are tired, we slept early that day.

The next day, my husband need to work so i was tidying the house alone.. After a while, my brother in law called. We met up for lunch as one of their aunt came to Singapore. This aunt lived in Melbourne for 20 years and she is back for holiday at the same time to visit his younger son, who just started work in Singapore three weeks ago.

After lunch, i brought this aunt and his son to my house and show her all the video and wedding photos as she missed my wedding due to some commitment. At around 7pm, my husband came home and we have dinner together. We have a long chat.

The last weekend is really a makan session and i didnt do much.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dunedin Photos - Part 2

Part 2 of Dunedin Photos

Statue at Botanic Garden

GreenHouse Effect

Rose Garden

Roof Top of Larnach Castle

Interior of the cafe in the Castle

Real fireplace at the castle's cafe

Exterior of the castle cafe

Exterior of the Larnach Castle

Exterior of the Larnach Castle

Dunedin Photos - Part 1

As we went to many places in Dunedin so i have few parts on the photos.

Cadbury Factory

Cadbury Factory

Steepest Street at Baldwin

Top of the Steepest Street

Bottom of the Steepest Street

Road to Dunedin

Road to Dunedin

Road to Dunedin

Sheep can be seen almost everywhere.

Windy and Beautiful Sea

Nice View of the Sea.

Christchurch Photos

Here are the photos taken at Christchurch City.Didnt take much photos at this city as it didnt really attracted to me and we kind of feel it is about the same as Adelaide which i went 4 yrs ago. Christchurch is known as the sister country of Adelaide which means they have the same environment and the pace is about the same. Seattle is also the sister country.

Water Mill

Duck Pond. Arent they cold??

Statue located at the city

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 7 to Day 9 - Queenstown & Wanaka

Continue from the last blog of my NZ trip.

Day 7

Rise early in the morning to start our road journey again. Next stop is Queenstown. It is 174km away from Te Anau.The resort town of Queenstown is sophisticated and fantastically scenic. Its lake and mountain landscape is suited to almost any kind of adventure

We reached Queentown at around 10plus in the morning so we look for our stay but not able to check in till 2pm. After that, we walk around the city before we stop at Brazz for our Lunch. When we got in, we are not able to order for lunch yet as it is not 12pm yet. It is only 11.30am so the waitress suggest we come back at 12pm or have a drink first. As outside is very cold and windy, probably 3 or 4 degrees, so we decided to have a drink first.

The breakfast menu is from 8am to 12pm. OMG, up to 12 noon still consider breakfast. Moreover, the breakfast is super huge. I tink it is good enough for 2 persons to share one plate.

At the strike of 12 noon, we order our lunch. As it was Sunday, there is a Sunday roast. Kin Mun ordered the Lamb roast and i ordered the traditional lunch special which New Zealanders like. Steak and Kidney pudding.

The portion are big especially the Lamb roast. The lamb was so tender. Really very nice. As for my lunch, it not too bad, just that the pudding is too filling and kidney got a bit of smell but still ok. if you dun like organs of animal then the roast will be a better choice. Roast is only available on Sunday.

After lunch, we do some shopping for our relatives and friends. Spend quite a lot in buying souvenirs. After that , we went to the lake nearby to see people doing adventurous activities like Jet boating.

As Queenstown is well know as a place for indulgence so night time is still bustling. Finally, i can do some night activities. We drive around in the city before we stop at Finz under for our dinner.
Kin Mun have steak while i have cod fish. It is not cheap to have dinner in NZ. The cod fish is nice but it is too small piece. we also had chocolate brownie as dessert. It was so mouth watering for the brownie. There was icre cream on top of the hot brownie. Hot and cold melts in my mouth. So nice.

Day 8

We decided to go for SKI at Coronet Peak at Queenstown. It was just 25 minutes drive. We went downtown to make a booking but alas, we missed the morning package for beginner which cost NZ$97/Adult. If to go for half day, it cost NZ$151/Adult so we booked the beginner package for the next day. The package consists of 2 group lessons, lift pass and ski equipment rental.

Since we are not able to Ski, we decided to drive up to wanaka to go to Puzzling World. You are able to find all sort of puzzles and illusions. There was a a great maze and both of us tried on it. It is really fun there. We are there for the whole day.

After that we drive back to Queenstown to rest.

Day 9

Skiing Day. Horray. This is my first time doing SKI. We have our lessons at 10.20am so we need to be at the peak at around 9.15pm as we need to register, take our ski equipments. Ski equipment consists of a pair of poles, a pair of ski boots and boards.

It was super cold at the peak. It was about minus 3 or 4 degrees. At 10.20am, we met with our ski instructor. His name is Simon and he was handsome and humorous. He taught us how to use the poles and lock the boots to the board.

After that, he teaches us how to ski on one boots, then two and how to jump with our ski boards, how to stand up if we fell. Very detail for teaching a beginner. The first lesson end at 12 noon. Second lesson start at 2pm. So for 2 hours, we ski around. We even go to magic carpet and try to ski down at a higher peak. Magic carpet is a conveyor belt which transport us up to the higher ground of the area.

At 2pm, Simon taught how to make bigger turns and to slow down. He led us to a much higher ground which is steeper to ski around. At this area, the magic carpet is malfunction so we need to stand without our boards clip to the boots. We really have a great time at the peak. Good time ended fast and it is 4pm and it is time for the peak to close. We returned our ski equipments.

If i have another chance, i will definitely Ski again. We didnt stay at queenstown for another nite, instead we drive to Lake Wanaka and stay there. Next stop - Lake Tekapo & Mount Cook.

Te Anau & Milford Sound Photos

Here are some photos for Te Anau and Miford Sound. Will load in more after i tidy up the memory stick of the camera.

Green Plants in Winter

"Green" Color Tasman Sea

Waterfall 2

Waterfall 1

Cruise Port

Mountain along the Road

Signboard of the road

Creek Along Milford Sound

Road to Milford Sound

Lake Te Anau

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

8th July - My Wedding - Morning Event Part 1

This is a slightly backdated post as i am not in town for 2 weeks.

I woke up at 5.45am on the 8th of July to get myself ready for Event. After wash up, my parents help me to "shu tou". It is a traditional event for the parents to comb hair for bride and bridegroom. This event symbolizes good and long life. As my family is a typical chinese family, i pray to the god and ancestors.

At around 6.45am, the makeup artist(MUA), Jinyan arrived. She is really a good MUA. It took her only an hour to do makeup and hairstyle for me. Really professional. At around 7.30am, my friends arrived and they are going to help me on the event

We took photos together before Kin Mun arrived. At around 8.30am, Kin Mun was locked out of the door and my "Jie Meis" are asking for ang pows. My "Jie Meis" also asked him to eat 4 tastes of food. Sweet, Sour, Hot and Bitter. His "Xiong Dis" helped him out on all those. There is one killer food for Kin Mun. Mushroom. My "Jie Meis" had blended the mushroom into paste. It was super gross and what worse was that he dont dare to eat mushroom at all.

He hesistated for a while and ask if he can seek help but it was a flat NO from the "Jie Meis". He muster all his courage and take a spoon of the mushroom paste. He puked out immediately.

Then his elder brother intervened saying it late already. My "Jie Meis" insisted there are still time available. As my "Jie Meis" pity Kin Mun, they ask him to sing a song loud and clear so that i can hear from the room. Kin Mun is a soft spoken person so it is also hard for him to sing loud n clear.

In the end, he was let in. But that not the end yet. There is another test. That is he have to read "Ai De Xuan Yan" in mandarin. OMG. Kin Mun can speak in Mandarin but read in mandarin is a bit difficult for him.

"Ai De Xuan Yan" comprises all his promises to me and are all beneficial to me and disadvantage to me. He was made to sign on it too. LOL.

Finally, he got to see me and he was asked to knee down in front of me and kissed me. He was been teased too.

Day 5 to Day 6 - Te Anau & Miford Sound

Continue from my previous Blog

Day 5

As we are on self drive trip and NZ turns dark early so we need to wake up early to start our road trip. Next Stop is Te Anau. 298 km from Dunedin. Perched on the edge of New Zealand’s second largest lake, the township of Te Anau is the main visitor base for Fiordland National Park.

Upon arrival of Te Anau, we start to look for our stay for the nite. Again, we checked in Holiday park as usual. This time round, no bathroom attached as it is nearby. We make a trip to the visitor centre of the Fiordland National Park. There is a mini museum in the centre which allows you to know more about Fiordland. We even watch a free video about Fiordland.

After that, we took a walk down to the wildlife park nearby. We saw some of the endanger species such a KEA, a type of bird found in NZ. This wildlife park is free and the species are kept in the cage as they are injured.

As the night is falling, we took a stroll down to the Lake. It was so beautiful. The sea is so blue and it makes you feel so peaceful and have a relaxing mind. We have our dinner and have a rest so as to get ready for our trip to Milford Sound the next day

Day 6

As the weather is cosy, we woke up late in the morning so we are not able to take the 11.30am cruise to Tasman Sea. Tasman Sea is at Milford Sound, which is 116 km away from Te Anau. As the road is narrow, it is difficult to drive fast on the road to Milford Sound. We decided to take the next cruise at 1.15pm. Different timing, different prices for the cruise trip. We reached Milford Sound at 1pm and we get our cruise ticket. Cost: NZ$65/Adult.

The cruise experience to the Tasman Sea was indeed a fantastic one. Although it is winter now, but what we saw on the cruise are all green and blue. There are waterfalls around. Some waterfall are frozen as it is smaller. Those larger waterfall, the water flows are so nice. Through the trip, the surroundings really makes you feel relax although it is cold. On the trip, we also saw seals around.

After the cruise, we stay at the visitor centre to read on the introduction of Fiordland. After which, we drive back to Te Anau and it night fall again. Next Stop will Be Queenstown.

Day 1 to Day 4 - Christchurch & Dunedin

On 9th July 07, 7.50pm, my husband and myself boarded the plane to New Zealand(NZ). After 7 hours of flight time, i recieved a pleasant surprise from my friend, Serena. She actually informed SQ that we are on Honeymoon trip to NZ when she helped me to booked for my tickets.

SQ brought us a chocolate cake and two glasses of champagne for celebration. We also received a toy and a card from SQ. The cake is nice but it is too much for both of us to finish, so we gave to the cabin crew to share. It was indeed a nice surprise. Thanks Serena. We didnt take a photo for the cake but i still have the soft toy with me so i will post here for view.

After 2 more hours of flight time, I arrived at Christchurch Airport at 9.30am, NZ time on 10th July which is Day 2. NZ time is 4 hours faster than Singapore which means it is only 5.30am when we arrived.

We went to pick up our car so we can travel to the city. As it was not time for check in yet, we took a walk at the christchurch city. It was 6 degrees so we were wearing winter clothes on our back. The city was quiet and the surrounding is so peaceful. I believed you are not able to get that in Singapore. We walked around the city for quite a while before we went into a mall.

In the afternoon, we went to have a lunch at their so call food court. We ordered chinese food and it was not cheap. It cost NZ $6.90 for a plate of rice with 2 dishes. Faint. NZ $ is 1.2 of SGD $. So that plate of rice cost almost S$8.30. Expensive right for a "zai cai fan".

After that, we went shopping in the mall to see what we can get. In end, we bought some food for the nite as we are going to cook tonite at our stay in Dorsett House. As we were tired from walking and flight, we rest early in the nite to get ready for the next day.

Day 3

After our breakfast, we check out and began our journey in NZ. First stop is to Dunedin. Dunedin is about 363km away from Christchruch. Dunedin was built with the riches of the gold rush, consequently it has one of the best collections of Edwardian and Victorian architecture in the southern hemisphere. It is also place near to the Otago Peninsula and you will find the only castle in NZ known as Larnach Castle.

By the time we reached Dunedin, it almost 5pm and the sky had turned dark. There was nothing much we can do so we just checked in to our accommodation in Holiday Park. It a place where you can find backpackers, campervan and families staying there. You are able to cook there either in your own cabin or share facilities with other depending what you are paying for. As only two of us, we choose a cabin with bathroom attached and shared the kitchen with others. The price difference is not much with or without bathroom so we chose the one with it.

Day 4

We woke up early to go sight-seeing. We drive around the city. You may wonder why didnt we go to the museum? Nothing, just feel that nothing interesting and you also need to pay to visit. There are two museums, one need to pay, another no need.

First Stop was to the Baldwin Street. You may wonder what so special about this street. This street was the steepest street in the world. Although it is the steepest street, there are people staying there too. To determine it is very steep, both of us walk up to street. It is like climbing up a hill. So tiring. The gradient is 1:2.86. That is steep. There are people driving up when we were climbing. The sound given out by the car made you feel that the street is really steep.

Second stop was to Cadbury Factory in the heart of the city. As there was still time before the tour starts, we looked around at the Cadbury store and there were quizzes around for you to answer. All you need to do was to turn the board to get the answer. Entry Fee: NZ$16/adult

It was time to visit the chocolate factory. Once you stepped into the factory, chocolate smell surrounded in the air. It was such a nice aroma. There is a guide showing and explaining to us on the process and we are also given chocolate bars throughout the one hour trip. If you answer questions, you will have more chocolates. Unable to give more details about the visit, if not this blog will get even longer. It is an experience which you need to experience yourself. LOL.

This is the first time, i see how chocolates are made and it makes you all the more want to eat chocolates. After the visit, we took some photos and bought chocolates.

Next stop, we went to the only only castle in NZ, Larnach Castle. Entry fee: NZ$20/adult(wz drink) if visiting garden and castle. if garden only, NZ $10. The castle was so beautiful and it was surrounded by beautiful garden. Once we stepped inside of the castle, immediately, you were able to feel the victorian enivironment. So English.

The castle have 3 level and 1 basement (if i remembered correctly, must check the leaflet first). As this castle was century old, everything inside was really antique. Some of the furniture were surrounded with barrier to prevent people from going near it. We were able to read on the History of this castle. This Castle was built by Mr William Larnach in the 1870s. He was married thrice. His first two wives were sisters and both died of illness and he killed himself when he suspect his 3rd wife who was younger was having affair with his first son. Total he had 7 kids all by the first wife.

Although this castle no longer belong to the Larnach family, but some of the artifacts are donated by the current generation of the Larnach family. It is really a nice walk in the castle as this is the first time i go through a victorian house and so historical.

If i want to see more castles, must save money to travel to Germany as it is well known for it castles.

After the castle visit, we went to the Dunedin Botanics Garden which is free. There are rose garden, greenhouse, aviary, duck pond, rock garden and other big plants. We walk around the garden to feel the nature environment and even look at the birds locked in the aviary.

After that, it is almost 5plus and the sky turned dark again. The sky was so dark that it seems like 8pm in Singapore. We headed back to our place to rest for the day to proceed to next place the next Day. TE ANAU.


After two weeks of break, i am back to Singapore. First day to work is such a drag as i only came back to Singapore on Sunday nite.

New Zealand (NZ) is a beautiful country if you are a nature lover. The lake, sea and mountains are so beautiful. Although it is winter time in NZ, you are still able to see green plants around. When you are at the mountain area, at one side of the mountain, it is covered with snow, and the other side, it is covered with green plants. Interesting view right.

I will try to upload the photos soon, hope fully by tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Itazura na Kiss

Still remember my post on a Taiwan series "It started with a Kiss". I am reading the comic Itazura na Kiss right now. The storyline of the series is quite similar to the comic but there are some different scenes which you will see only in series but not in the comic n vice versa.

It is a different feeling totally while reading the comic although the characters are the same as the series. This is so because the series only till the volume 10 of the comic, so from volume 11 onwards, it will be a totally new story to me. I bet i will enjoy the comic.

Holiday Break

I will be having my holiday break coming monday. I am so excited about it. Really cant wait to step on the ground of New Zealand.

Will be driving in the land of New Zealand. As i want to enjoy the sceneries, i wont be driving. Definitely will capture the beautiful scenaries along the way.

Stay tuned for my beautiful picture after my return.