Friday, February 11, 2011


How times flies. Now is already February of year 2011 and the chinese new year celebration will be over in a week's time (Lunar 15th).

Went to Malaysia for chinese new year as my hubby's hometown is in Ipoh, Perak. Basically is rest and relax aka "boring period" for me as it is difficult to travel around there since there is a need to drive a car. It is not like singapore where you can travel by public transport but over there, basically is driving on your own to get to the place you want.

At least for now, nothing much happen to me for the year 2011. It is very routine day for me.

1. Send Cayden to Childcare
2. To work
3. Pick Cayden Up from Childcare
4. Have Dinner with Cayden
5. Watch TV program / Play with Cayden
6. To Bed.

Recently i have thoughts of doing baking. Maybe, it is inspired by my friend, Tracy. She has her own oven and she did alot of baking. She talks about it on her blog and sharing her recipes. She even made for flea market events. If you want to know more, visit her blog.

Maybe i shall ask her to compile her recipes and send me a copy. haha. This have to wait till i get my baking oven first or maybe we can join venture to do business on the bake products. Hmm, shall talk to her.

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